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Senior Center is hidden gem in Milton

Anybody who wants to feel great simply needs to find a sign to give to the Milton Senior Center. According to the Center’s President Sandy Parr, they need one so folks can more easily find their establishment, which serves senior citizens and works in support of many local charities.
The unmarked Senior Center is located inside the Milton Activity Center,1000 Laurel St., but except for word-of-mouth communications, Parr says, nobody really knows it’s there. “There’s no sign that says ‘The Senior Center,’ so when people call, I have to say we’re at the police station.”
In addition to keeping a closet full of walkers for seniors who might suddenly need one, Parr said the Senior Center has never lagged about hosting fundraisers for local charity groups and it has always offered daily activities for participating… Read Full Story

Satisfaction from benefaction: NW Furniture

Like a triangle, there are three components to NW Furniture Bank, with 14 employees who help collect and distribute surplus furniture to people in need. Directly on top of the charity is Hope Furnishings, 117 Puyallup Ave., a for-profit business that sells new, gently used and vintage furniture to support the NW Furniture Bank charity below. With these two is a mattress recycling effort, located directly behind NW Furniture Bank, that also generates funds to help the low-income recipients sleep better at night thanks to donated furniture.
The stitching that holds this triangle together is CEO Bill Lemke who is now celebrating NW Furniture… Read Full Story

Armed robbery and home burglary down in Pierce County

In the first six months of 2017, Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies say an analysis of the crime statistics shows armed robberies and home burglaries are down. Detectives say one reason may be that more people have surveillance and security systems in their homes, which makes for harder targets for crooks. The department’s Property Crime Unit is also seeing success.
“We’re able to go out and actively work these people, hold them responsible, put them in jail and we see our crime numbers dropping,” said Det. Ed Troyer.
However,… Read Full Story

More News
Authorities seek to solve cold case murder of Tacoma family
David Rose

It has been almost two decades since Linda Tran and her children were brutally murdered inside their Tacoma home. The details surrounding their deaths are horrific, and their killer is still free. Now, Tacoma police hope someone is ready to break their silence. “It was Dec. 18, 1998, shortly before…

Big plans in the works for Tacoma Culture Center
Matt Nagle

The Tacoma Culture Center in Freighthouse Square has been open only since November, but already it is proving to fill a big need for local Native American communities. Owned by the non-profit Consultants for Indian Progress in Tacoma and operated by Toby Joseph (Apache, Navajo, Seneca and Ute), his…

New hire at LeMay seeks to take museum to new heights
Matt Nagle

LeMay – American’s Car Museum announced this month that Dean Caroll has been hired as the museum’s new Vice President for Institutional Advancement. Concluding a search for a qualified candidate that began last summer, LeMay President and CEO David Madeira said the museum’s board of directors…

Spotlight on Business: Seldens Home Furnishings
Derek Shuck

In the modern world, it’s difficult to find a longstanding store that hasn’t been taken over by a larger corporate conglomerate to turn the location into an inviting, if generic, mass market store. The Tacoma-Fife area has several longstanding independent businesses, but perhaps none match the…

72-hour hold on Tacoma murder suspects

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist has requested a 72-hour hold on Wallace Jackson, 48, Darrel Arthur Daves, 49, and Crystal Share Jackson, 30, who were arrested by Tacoma Police detectives for the murder of an 18-year-old Lakewood man. The three defendants appeared in Superior Court today and…

Detectives need help finding missing child predator
David Rose

Andrew Genders was convicted of abusing a little boy he was babysitting. He is failing to register as a sex offender and breaking probation. “He’s somebody who’s registered as transient and trying to take advantage of the loophole so that we won’t be able to find him when he…

Mairin Amdal, Special to Fife Free Press

It seems that some of the most defining moments of our lives are dictated by tradition. Important events, like marriage, are often conducted through an endless list of customs people feel compelled to do, regardless if they know why. However, Fife History Museum’s newest exhibit, “Wedding of the…

Kodi Cumbo: Perfect act score
Matt Nagle

For the first time in Fife High School history, a student has achieved a perfect score on the ACT (American College Testing), a standardized test that measures high school achievement and assesses college readiness. Senior Kodi Cumbo said he was pleasantly surprised at how he did despite that he has…

Signal Searchlight
Derek Shuck

Utility bill blues Residents of Milton may have recently had some issues with their utility billing; this is due to a change in accounting systems from an accrual based program to a cash based program. Though the change will provide benefits to the city, there were a few unexpected hiccups when the…

Chamber to host annual candidate academy
Derek Shuck

Running for public office is a daunting task, even for those groomed to be in office. The stress can oftentimes lead candidates to wondering whether or not they made the right decision to run in the first place. The Pierce County-Tacoma Chamber is looking to relieve some of that stress by offering…