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Hylebos creek needs funding for repairs

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“This is nothing new,” says Mark Howlett, Millton City Engineer, “at least not for the residents living near the creek.”
That creek he is referring to is Hylebos Creek in Milton, specifically near 5th Avenue, which traditionally has remained flooded a few times a year for the past few decades. Both during times of heavy rain, and when the tides rise Howlett said. This flooding issue typically isn’t too burdensome on the locals, who are generally well aware and ready for localized flooding. Most severely affected by this flooding is traffic that, inevitably, needs to circumvent the route every so often. This is why Howlett and city officials are seeking to obtain a grant, or private funding, to carry out some much needed work on this low-lying area prone to such annoying tidal flows.
“Clearing out the existing properties and raising the ground level needs to take place,” Howlett said, “putting in a culvert, as well. However, it’s going to be pricey.” Price tags for this project will surely creep into six-figure territory. Tax hikes and fee spikes will not suffice for this one.
With this looming expenditure of funds, driving to work down 5th Avenue will be a non-issue in the future. Although, according to Howlett, “This flooding typically abates in roughly 24-48 hours, so it’s relatively non-invasive to the locals who call this area home.” Currently, floodwater restoration plans are on the drawing board, as are funding options.

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