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Local Restaurants: Chef provides excellent cuisine for your event or party

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Delphia Brewton is a personal chef who offers all sorts of catering. While she loves creating excellent cuisine, she is also expanding her brand and is working on a new cookbook. Customers can also buy gift baskets accompanied with a gift certificate from her to deliver when someone is ill or a "welcome home" basket for that special new arrival.
According to Brewton, being a Christian-based company sets her business apart. "I think our service is the best hands-down, bar-none and I say that confidently," she said. "When the customer is satisfied, we know we are doing a good job."
Brewton keeps many specialty items on her menu, which changes seasonally. For the summer she is focusing on serving seafood with fresh fruits and vegetable dishes.
"The things we love to cook are gourmet Southern," Brewton said. "I love to put my own spin on Southern traditional dishes and make them my own."
Brewton said that to add her personal flair she might make wild seasoned salmon salad on a fried green tomato or add blood orange sauce on a grilled cod fillet. This seasons she is serving Cajun crab cakes topped with shrimp etouffée, fried trout with lemon herb brown butter, shrimp and grits.
Immediately after graduating from high school in Tacoma, Brewton entered college at the University of Washington. After her first year as an undergraduate student, she married a man in the military and they welcomed their first baby who is now 12. Brewton left Seattle when her husband landed a job on the east coast. That's where she applied to Georgetown University and attended college there. Shortly after, the military sent her husband to South Korea and when he dutifully left, Brewton attended to their children full time.

After a year in South Korea, her husband returned home to his new station in Washington State at a time when Brewton was homeschooling their now three children. Once back in the Pacific Northwest, Brewton returned to her studies at the University of Washington to become a lawyer. Yet that is when she began to feel less and less interested in her studies and more certain she was really missing out on something.
"At that time I decided just to pray," Brewton said. She then took a big leap in faith and began pursuing her chef's training at Le Cordon Bleu of Culinary Arts. "I felt more validated when I prepared something and it was a great feeling," Brewton said.
After graduating from culinary school, she immediately launched her business, Blessings From My Heart To Your Table. From the beginning, Brewton readily admits she was very scared at the time but she has felt very blessed since then and now knows, without any doubt, that being a chef is her calling.
"I got a call from a client who wanted me to prepare an American-theme-based menu," said Brewton when asked to give one example for when she felt especially blessed. She didn't know the whole scenario for the upcoming party but the client was high end. So she started putting together red, white and blue velvet mini-cakes, peach cobbler, smoked macaroni and cheese, baked beans, American hamburgers and potato salad. She prepared a demo for the client and they loved the setting so much she was chosen to work the event.
Until that day, Brewton said she had no idea that the event was going to be for wounded military personnel who had lost limbs due to buried landmines or other catastrophic events. "This event actually got telecast on the Bill O'Reilly news show," Brewton said.
Brewton's typical customer ranges from the average middle-class wage earner, including retired military personnel, to the high-end, very fortunate class, including A-list celebrities. "I have been very blessed to be around all kinds of people and serve them," Brewton said.
At this time, Brewton does not currently own a designated business kitchen. "Our business is trying to expand into a restaurant so we have started a go-fund-me account that we would love for people to donate to," Brewton said. That go fund me account is:
To contact Brewton, call 1 (800) 329-3445 and visit

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