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We have moved!

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You will notice that this issue of the paper is a bit smaller than usual. That is by design.
The Pierce County Community Newspaper Group, publisher of the Tacoma Weekly, Fife Free Press, Milton-Edgewood Signal, Puyallup Tribal News and the University Place Press, moved offices last week. The move meant that the newsroom and production departments were down for a few days, which prompted smaller papers. You will find more stories online, however.
We moved from Fife to Tacoma for several reasons. Paramount among the reason was that we needed more space, but we also needed to be closer to Tacoma and shorten the commutes for most of the employees here. We also wanted to void the looming troubles we would face with driving to and from Tacoma without the Puyallup River bridge that links Tacoma and Fife, but needs to close for repairs sooner rather than later. Commutes between the downtowns of both cities might only be five miles, but the drive can already take upward of half an hour even with the bridge.
We just can’t imagine the snarls we would face when the bridge closes for repairs.
Our new offices are located at 304 Puyallup Ave., right down the street from the Tacoma Dome and the Transit Center.

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