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Sunday, September 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
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Edgewood Police Department

A landscaping business in the 3300 block of Meridian was reportedly burglarized sometime between Feb.  12 and Feb. 13.  Several leaf blowers and a hedge bar were reportedly taken along with a company vehicle.  A few days later, a known subject was stopped in the stolen company truck by Tacoma Police, and the subject was booked into jail.  It is unclear if the other stolen items were recovered or not.  

Just after 5 p.m., on Feb. 23, an Edgewood officer running radar speed patrol on 122nd Avenue East clocked a vehicle speeding at 80 mph in a 35 mph zone.  The officer stopped the vehicle and ultimately determined that the driver was under the influence of intoxicants.  The driver, who had a prior drunken driving charge on his record, was arrested and later booked into jail.

On Feb. 24, an Edgewood officer happened upon a vehicle stopped in traffic with its hazards flashing.  The officer checked on the driver who reportedly told him he was having chest pains.  Fearing the worst, the officer said he would call for medics to come check on him.  However, the driver then put his car into gear and drove away from the officer.  Somewhat befuddled by what had just happened, and fearing that the driver may be suffering from a medical issue or other impairment, the officer activated his lights in an attempt to stop the car but the driver refused to pull over.  Although he didn’t speed in his attempt to get away, he wouldn’t stop and drove into the oncoming lanes of traffic forcing other vehicles to yield to him.  The driver threatened other traffic in his flight from the officer so in an attempt to end the “chase” safely, the officer attempted to perform a tactical maneuver only to have the fleeing driver attempt to ram him.  The driver continued driving to a private residence in the city, later determined to be his own, but then refused to exit his car.  A short struggle ensued but the man was later taken into custody without further incident.  Based on concerns for the man’s medical and mental health, he was ultimately transported to the hospital for further evaluation instead of jail.

On Feb. 25, a fire was reported in a home in the 3000 block of 108th Avenue East.  All residents of the home were accounted for prior to the arrival of the fire department but two dogs were missing.  Several explosions were reportedly heard by officers and people in the area but it was attributed to the fact that a former roommate had reportedly stored black powder and bullet “re-loading” equipment and ammunition in the basement along with numerous “big fireworks.”  At the time of this report, the cause of the fire was still unknown and only one dog and one chicken were ultimately reported deceased.  The Pierce County Fire Marshal is investigating.

During recent weeks, one vehicle was reported stolen from an apartment complex while the owner momentarily left it unattended and running and another two vehicles were prowled by thieves while they were parked outside a business in the 700 block of Meridian.  Edgewood officers would like to remind people to ensure they do not leave their vehicles running and unattended.  Also, people should be sure to secure any items of value out of sight, preferably in the trunk, so that potential thieves aren’t enticed by anything in the passenger compartment of cars.  Just because the car owner knows there is nothing of value in a bag of belongings on the front seat doesn’t mean that potential thieves will know that, so people should  limit the temptation and secure any electronics, purses, bags, etc… in the trunk of cars.  It only takes a thief seconds to break a window, reach in, and grab things from within your car.  

A summary of all reported calls in the City of Edgewood are available at the city’s website:  http://www.cityofedgewood.org/

The Edgewood Police Department would like to thank the management of the Arbor’s at Edgewood for hosting a community meeting for their residents and local law enforcement last week.  We also appreciated the opportunity to speak with several parents and students who attended Hedden Elementary’s Emergency Preparedness program February 24th, too.  

Lastly, I’d like to say thank you to those who supported everyone attending the Polar Plunge event supporting the Special Olympics at Owen’s Beach in Tacoma on Saturday (the 25th).  It was cold but it was worth it!

-Chief Lundborg

Herbal Gardens