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Sunday, September 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
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Edgewood Police Department

Two neighborhoods have seen a sudden spike in thefts and burglaries these past two weeks. One neighborhood, off Monte Vista, reported five burglaries to detached garages and sheds. On the west side of the city, in the 9000 block of 24th Street East, three similar properties were targeted. Tools were the main item of interest in all the reports. However, it should be noted that in all eight reports, none of the victims said they experienced any damage to their properties. Except for one garage that was accessed via an unsecured window, all the other properties were either open or the suspect(s) entered via unsecured doors to commit their crimes. There was no suspect information listed in any of the reports.
A large stash of “found” mail was delivered to the Edgewood Police Station on March 10. The mail, found off Dechaux and Meridian, was taken from some neighborhoods in Edgewood, Fife and Tacoma. If you were expecting mail that didn’t arrive last week, you may want to check with the sender.
During the last two weeks, 15 bicycles were recovered from a vacant/undeveloped property in the 4500 block of Meridian. Only one bike was still operational as the other 14 were broken down to just their frames. The one bike that was still intact was found to be reported stolen from downtown Puyallup just days earlier, and it was returned to its grateful owner. The other 14 bikes could not be matched with any reports. It is not known who has been collecting and dismantling the bikes in the area but three transient camps were located on the property. They were checked repeatedly but no one was ever found in any of them. City Ofoicers are working with the property owner to enforce trespassing laws and to encourage them to clean the property. Personnel from a local homeless advocacy group attempted to reach out to the people living in the camps mentioned. It is unknown if they were successful or not. They also attempted to assist other residents of a transient camp underneath the overpass of Highway 167 near Sumner after it was posted that it was going to be cleaned the following week. Although no one was found occupying the site, WSDOT workers worked diligently removing personal property and discarding a great deal of trash and waste from the location.
On March 10, a homemade explosive device was found near the parking lot of Edgemont Junior High. The citizen who located the device brought it to the Edgewood Police Station where it was ultimately “rendered safe” by members of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Hazardous Devices Squad. According to them, it appeared to be a large homemade firework that had not exploded. The device was still a danger to the public, though.
Edgewood police would like to remind people to properly secure your belongings and limit opportunities for thieves to strike. People should also take a moment to photograph their personal items of value. Record or photograph the serial numbers of those items, too. It is incredibly helpful to law enforcement and can help with tracking, locating, and reuniting property with its owner(s).
In the last issue, police reported a fire had destroyed a home in the 3000 block of 108th Avenue East. Although the cause of the fire has still not yet been determined, police would like to remind everyone to check their smoke alarms and make sure they are working properly.

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