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Tuesday, September 26, 2017 This Week's Paper
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Edgewood Police Department

“Road Closed.” The wording seems fairly straight forward. Unfortunately for some, it isn’t; they see it as a challenge. Edgewood barricaded and closed two roadways as a result of heavy rains this winter and spring. The roads were closed for the safety of everyone. High water levels can hide center lines, shoulders, steep ditches, and personal property (like lawns and landscaping). Water and speed can create a loss of control (hydroplaning) and cause vehicles to leave the roadway. Vehicles leaving the roadway can damage property and should the water be deep enough, destroy vehicles too. Worse yet, depending on the ditches and the depth of water, vehicles leaving the roadway can accidently roll over and trap the occupants. While we would like to believe that most could safely navigate the water covered roads, some cannot. As a result, we have to do our duty to protect everyone and close the roads. Moving the signs and traveling through those closed roadways could lead others to follow and create dangerous conditions. Moving the signs can damage them, and damaged signs cost the taxpayers money because now we have to replace them. In summary, we ask that you not move the signs to drive through the closed areas. Some chose to ignore those words these past few weeks and officers issued them $1,000 criminal citations and negligent driving infractions.

On March 26, at around 11:30 p.m., Milton police chased a stolen vehicle through a portion of Edgewood and then back into King County where it ultimately ended. Officers and K9 located two people that had fled from the scene.

On March 29, an Edgewood officer was dispatched to a “found” ATM in the 11100 block of 48th Street East. Upon the officer’s arrival he noticed that the ATM appeared to have been completely destroyed and empty. Identifying marks on the machine helped officers discover the ATM had been stolen from a business in Tukwila. There was no suspect information at the time of this recovery.

Two narcotics search warrants were served at two different locations in Edgewood last week. One warrant, served April 5, on a home in the 3200 block of 86th Av East, was discovered to be a very large illegal marijuana growing operation with over 350 plants valued at roughly $600,000. Neighbors living down-wind from the home were thrilled to see the activity and finally learn what was causing the odor in their neighborhood. According to investigators, this grow operation was being run by Asian Organized Crime out of Boston. All the marijuana being grown in the house was being sold on the East Coast. Due to the illegal modifications and wiring done to the home, it will need to be stripped to the studs and re-framed in several places. The electrical work caused so much damage to the power grid that Puget Sound Energy personnel had to terminate service to the location.
On April 7, a second search warrant was served at a home in the 11600 block of 36th Street East. Officers and Detectives from the Puyallup Police Department assisted Edgewood police and neighbors of the home by serving a search warrant for heroin at the residence. Although some contraband was located at the scene, the identified dealer/suspect was not located. This investigation is ongoing.

The department wants to extend its gratitude to the residents of Edgewood that attended its Community Meeting on March 29. With over 100 in attendance, it was a huge success. Chief Micah Lundborg looks forward to working with everyone in the near future as the department continues to make the community a better and safer place to live, work, and play. As a side note, Lundborg wants to apologize for “minimizing” one neighborhood’s concerns at the meeting. Knowing that an investigation was already underway, he didn’t want to leak any information. He hopes the fact that a warrant has now been served at that location helps ease concerns.

Herbal Gardens