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Sunday, September 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
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Edgewood Police Department

On the morning of April 24, a citizen called to request a welfare check on two people apparently asleep in their car in the middle of the road. Officers from Edgewood and East Pierce Fire Medics responded to investigate. Upon their arrival, in the 2000 block of 123rd Avenue East, they located a car blocking a lane of travel. The car was running, in gear, and both occupants appeared to be sleeping. The officer quickly suspected the two were under the influence of intoxicants as odors commonly associated with marijuana were readily apparent. After waking the two, and having the passenger exit the vehicle, a (handgun) magazine holster was discovered on the passenger. He was detained and then the driver was asked to step from the vehicle. Upon his exit, an officer then noticed a handgun on the floorboard under the driver’s seat. A second gun was also discovered under the front passenger’s seat. Both subjects were ultimately arrested as officers learned that both subjects were convicted felons and prohibited from possessing firearms. A search warrant was ultimately served on the vehicle and a half pound of marijuana was recovered as well. It should also be noted that one of the recovered handguns was reportedly stolen out of a vehicle in Redmond last May.
Around 2:30 a.m. on April 20, Milton Police pursued a stolen vehicle into the City of Edgewood. The vehicle eluded the officers but was eventually located after it went over an embankment in the 12900 block of 56th Street East. The occupants of the vehicle were ultimately arrested after they were found hiding in the brush near the 5600 block of Sumner Heights Drive.
A Milton resident reported that her car was stolen on May 2. Around 11:30 a.m., the vehicle was called in as being “suspicious” in the 1700 block of 112th Avenue East. When a local resident went to confront the lone occupant of the car, the vehicle left. Roughly 40 minutes later, an Edgewood officer observed the vehicle driving south on Meridian. A male was driving the car, and there was a female in the passenger seat. The vehicle pulled over into the Mobil Station in the 3400 block and both occupants were ultimately detained. The driver, an Edgewood resident and registered sex offender, was arrested for possessing the stolen vehicle and for knowingly possessing a stolen credit card and identification belonging to a crime victim from Federal Way. The female passenger, well known to officers, was also arrested for an outstanding warrant issued by the Department of Corrections. As for the vehicle, it suffered some slight damage to the ignition, but it was released back to the grateful owner.
On May 7, a homeowner in the 2500 block of 106th Avenue called 911 to report a home-invasion robbery. Residents woke to the sound of someone walking around inside their home. Although they initially thought it was visiting family, when a stranger poked his head into their bedroom, they realized they were being burglarized. The resident then chased the suspect out of the home and watched him jump into the victim’s car already occupied by other suspects. The car then fled the scene. It is believed that entry was made through an unsecured window. As responding officers were arriving on scene, they discovered a wrecked vehicle in a nearby ditch. They then learned the wrecked vehicle had been taken in another crime in Federal Way. It was believed to have been dumped by the suspects in the home-invasion robbery. While the scene in Edgewood was being processed for evidence, it was learned that the Edgewood victim’s car may have just been involved in two other crimes in Northeast Tacoma and Federal Way. Communication between Federal Way, Tacoma Police, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and Edgewood is occurring as the crime spree is being investigated.
The last week of April saw two neighborhoods in Edgewood hit hard by vandals, damaging their mailboxes and possibly stealing their mail. Various folks in the areas of the 11600 block of Eighth Street East and the 4700 block of 125th Avenue Court East called to report that they were victimized by the crooks. From news reports, it appears that our citizens weren’t the only ones hit hard by these thieves. Puyallup residents also reported many other similar crimes. Although not all were aware of anything missing, the simple fact their mailboxes were destroyed was just as upsetting.
New homes under construction were also targeted again. Several new homes that had not yet been completed were hit hard by thieves. Appliances, fixtures, and various items, some of which were already installed and other items yet-to-be installed, were stolen from homes that could not be secured.
The morning of May 5 was particularly hard on some residents around the 10400 and 10500 blocks of 32nd Street East. Three people reported vandalism and theft complaints. One person’s garage was unlawfully entered and a total of four vehicles were prowled. Three of the vehicles had their windows smashed and the fourth was left unsecured. Various personal belongings were taken but more importantly, a sense of security was lost. Unfortunately there was no suspect information.
Edgewood would like to thank all the people who showed up to the Shredding Event on April 29. The response was tremendous and appreciated. Roughly 4,200 pounds of paper was shredded. In addition to minimizing opportunities to be victimized by identification theft, people turning out to the event also dropped off 128 pounds of old medicines, donated 850 pounds of food, three boxes of school supplies, and left nearly $500 in cash donations for the FISH food bank and Community Center. The department would also like to thank the Bank of America, Boy Scout Troop 525, and all those people who volunteered to help with the event.

Herbal Gardens