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Sunday, September 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
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Edgewood Police Department

On June 7, in the 11600 block of Valley Avenue East, two people were served with no trespass warnings. They had been squatting in a house on the property. A few weeks earlier the same officer had found the two people living in a barn on the property and had asked them to leave, which they did, but they later moved into the house after the barn burned down.
When you are driving in Edgewood, police advise you to look out for wildlife as well as kids and dogs. Recently, a coyote and a deer have been struck by vehicles in separate accidents. Unfortunately, both animals were severely injured and had to be put down.
On June 21, in the 1000 block of 114 Avenue East, several items were taken from a shed that had an unsecured door. The owner was alerted to the burglary by the landlord who had seen the suspect on the property. The landlord had parked his vehicle in the driveway, blocking access to the street by the suspect’s SUV. The landlord started to walk toward the suspect who then backed up his SUV, did a U turn in the driveway and drove into the front yard. The suspect then jumped the ditch with his vehicle and sped off on 114 Avenue East. Two days later, the same owner reported a second burglary. This time four truck tires had been stolen from his shed. The tires are of a size that is no longer in production and would be of little use to most people.
 On June 22, in the same neighborhood as the previous two burglaries, suspect(s) entered a barn by prying the door off its hinges and latch. Three kayaks and various other items were taken in this burglary. Several days later, the victim located the kayaks listed for sale online and contacted the seller in person to verify that they were the stolen kayaks. The victim called the police who then talked with the seller who said that he had paid $200 and a camera in exchange for the kayaks, which he had seen advertised online. He had hoped to “flip” them to make some money for college.
There have been a number of arrests in the month of June including two persons arrested for having outstanding warrants. There were other arrests for various incidents such as: assault, domestic violence and unlawful possession of a controlled substance.
The City of Edgewood Community Picnic will return again this year to Edgewood Park, 11001 24th St E., on July 22 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Edgewood Police Department will be represented there with a booth and will have representatives and equipment from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department with a number of displays including K-9, SWAT, Marine Services, the Dive Team, the Hazardous Device Squad, Search & Rescue, South Sound 911, and the Department of Emergency Management. Plus the department will introduce the new “Pets and Peds” (Pedestrians) Patrol Program to educate those who walk their own neighborhoods, how to be more watchful for suspicious activity and be extra eyes and ears on the streets.

Herbal Gardens