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Edgewood Police Department

It was a busy afternoon and early evening for Edgewood officers on Aug. 10 as they responded to two major collisions. One was a T-bone and rollover at 122nd and 24th Street East. The other crash took out a power pole in the 2900 block of Meridian, which brought down the power lines striking another car. Both collisions caused the temporarily closure of 122nd and Meridian. There were no major injuries. It also doesn't appear that speed was a factor in either case.

On July 28, a resident of another city called a bank in Edgewood to report a fraud.  Earlier in the month, the victim’s vehicle had been broken into and identification and checks had been taken.  Using the victim’s identification, a suspect tried to cash a check at three different branches of the same bank and was successful at one of them.  
An Edgewood resident called to report that someone was trying to extort money from her daughter.  The daughter’s cellular phone had been stolen at another location on July 22.  On July 28, the mother received a text message that the phone would be returned upon payment of $2,000 and that the suspect had access to the victim’s personal identification and bank information.  The victim was advised to call the phone carrier and deactivate the phone.
Several neighbors were awakened by the sound of a collision in the 11900 block on 24 Street East on July 30, when a vehicle hit a utility pole.  When an Edgewood officer arrived, he was informed that the driver of the vehicle had been picked up by someone else.  The suspect’s vehicle had veered off the roadway in the 11800 block of 24 Street East, colliding with the double mailbox at the edge of the driveway.  The distance from the mailbox to the utility pole was approximately 150 feet and pieces of the vehicle and the mailbox were scattered along the way.  The front end of the vehicle was caved in and there were what appeared to be fresh cracks running the length of the utility pole.  Puget Sound Energy was advised of the damage to the pole.  The suspect later contacted police and stated that she had been really tired and had fallen asleep at the wheel.   
On Aug. 5, in the 2600 block on Meridian, officers were called to a domestic violence assault.  The officers interviewed the suspects separately to get details of the situation.  The male said that he and his girlfriend had an argument the previous night, and she woke him up the next morning by hitting and yelling at him.  He said she threw clothing across the room and left a hole in the wall, threw a plastic cup at him leaving a large welt on his back, and struck him with her hands and purse.  The officer photographed the welt as well as other marks and injuries.  The female stated she was awakened that morning by the male pushing her out of bed injuring her shoulder and that he told her he hoped that she crashed her car and died on the way to work.  She said she began to remove her clothes from the closet to leave and that the male said he would help her but he took the clothes out of her hand and threw them across the room.  She said when the clothes were thrown, they hit a fan causing it to hit the wall leaving a hole.  She admitted to throwing the cup that hit her boyfriend and that she also broke his drug paraphernalia.  She said he punched her in the back of the head several times.  He started throwing her belongings out onto the deck which she started filming with her phone.  There was a struggle for the phone and the male smashed it against the wall but the female was able to retrieve the video.  The officer observed marks on the female’s neck and hands from the altercation and the officer photographed them.  Due to conflicting stories and the male being video recorded making aggressive action towards the female, the male was arrested.  However, it was explained to both parties that they would both be listed as suspects/arrestee and victims in the report with the information being forwarded to the prosecutor for review.
Two persons were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia at the Interurban Trailhead Park on Aug. 9.  Both had been observed slumped over in the front seat of their vehicle.  Both were passed out and oblivious to the officers’ presence.  The driver was holding aluminum foil with a brownish colored substance on it and a lighter which is indicative of opioid use.  The occupants of the car then woke up and each admitted to having a drug problem.  A search of the car produced a large quantity of drug paraphernalia including syringes, burnt foil and drug cooking devices.
On Aug. 9, Edgewood officers responded to two serious collisions in the city.  One occurred around 4 p.m. at the intersection of 24th Street East and 122nd Avenue East.  A truck traveling south on 122nd was struck on the passenger side by a vehicle entering the intersection from 24th Street.  The impact sent the truck rolling but fortunately there were no serious injuries.  Traffic was closed on 122nd while the collision was investigated.  The driver who failed to yield the right-of-way was cited.   Around 7 p.m. officers then responded to the scene of a one-car collision in the 2900 block of Meridian.  A vehicle traveling south on Meridian left the roadway when the driver reportedly fell asleep at the wheel.  The vehicle struck a power pole causing the pole to collapse.  Upon doing so, the lines connected to the pole were pulled down and they struck a vehicle traveling north on Meridian.  Fortunately no one was seriously injured in this collision either.  However, due to the power lines left hanging in the roadway, Meridian was closed for approximately three hours.  
On Aug. 13 a woman suspected of driving under the influence drove through an intersection striking a homeowner’s vehicle in their driveway.  The impact forced the resident’s vehicle into the garage door damaging it as well.  As the suspected drunk driver attempted to back out of the driveway she then sideswiped the homeowner’s other vehicle.  The driver was cited and released for treatment at a medical facility.

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