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Sunday, September 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
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Milton Police Department

On March 1, Milton units were dispatched to a burglary that occurred sometime during the day, while the homeowners were at work. Milton officers checked the house and found no one inside. The house had been ransacked, and the homeowner noticed several things were missing to include a handgun.  The suspects are unknown.
On March 5, Milton units responded to a 9-1-1 call of an erratically driven vehicle that had just pulled into the Milton Dairy Queen. When a Milton officer arrived to investigate, he noticed an open bottle of vodka in the vehicle. When he spoke with the driver, he could smell alcohol on the driver, and noticed his words were slurred. He conducted a field sobriety test and found the driver to be intoxicated. He also learned that the driver had taken a prescription drug which was not prescribed to him. That driver was under 21 years old. He gave a breath sample of 0.123, which indicated he was well over the limit of .08. He was arrested and booked for driving under the influence.
On March 8, a Milton officer observed a vehicle driving south on Pacific Hwy, and then turn up the hill onto Porter Way. The vehicle turned into oncoming traffic, and the driver exhibited other signs of impairment. When the officer pulled him over, he could smell marijuana and alcohol coming from the vehicle. The officer arrested the driver, and obtained a search warrant for his blood. He obtained a blood sample from an area hospital, and then cited and released the driver to wait for the lab results from the blood sample.
On March 9, unknown burglar attempted to break into a house on Emerald Street. The homeowner worked grave shift and was home asleep. She yelled at the burglar as they smashed in the back sliding glass door with a rock. The burglar fled on foot.  
On March 10, Milton officers saw a vehicle driving on Milton Way without headlights when it was dark. They pulled the driver over, and the officer saw the driver when he approached the car. The driver sped off through the Safeway parking lot endangering people on foot. The car turned onto Meridian, and then down a dirt road. The driver bailed out on foot while the vehicle was still moving. When officers arrived, they noticed drug paraphernalia and a shotgun in the vehicle. They were able to positively identify the driver, and an arrest warrant was issued.
On March 11, a Milton officer was contacted by phone and notified that two people were in the parking lot of the Milton McDonald’s, and they appeared to be using drugs. A Milton officer caught the vehicle on Milton Way, and officers contacted the driver and passenger. The female passenger had a felony warrant and was booked into Pierce Co Jail. When she was searched at the jail, the staff found heroin in her bra.
On March 13, a Milton officer pulled over a vehicle for an equipment violation on Pacific Highway. A records check revealed the driver was suspended, and he was taken into custody. Dispatch informed the officer the vehicle was stolen out of Renton. Narcotics were found on the arrestee.

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