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3 Interesting Facts About Diamonds to Use as Conversation Starters in Business Events

It can be quite awkward to start conversations about diamonds in networking business events in your drilling industry. After all, everyone knows that it is best to use diamonds as coring bits for drilling. They may not know why, but they have probably heard that bit of advice. To create interest that paves the way for a good business relationship, you need to be interesting. Tell people exciting facts and stories that they don’t hear about that often.

Here are some fun facts about diamonds you can use as great conversation starters:

1. The universe has a gigantic diamond called Lucy

In 2007, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics discovered a huge diamond in the sky. It is found in the constellation Centaurus, which is 50 light-years away from Earth. The 10 billion trillion trillion carat diamond is about 2500 miles across, making it the galaxy’s largest diamond. Nobody knows how much it is worth, but some people describe it as the “mother of all diamonds.” The center named it ‘Lucy’ as a tribute to a famous Beatles song.

Such a fun fact would be a wonderful conversation starter when you are dealing with astronomy hobbyists in an event.

2. Indians and Romans used diamonds in ancient times


Research shows that as early as 250 B.C – 300 A.D, Indians used diamonds and traded these with the Romans. Long before modern technological advances that enable people to use diamond drill bits, Romans already did it in some form. They may have learned to make use of diamond splinters as drills in Arikamedu.

Also, in literature, Pliny, who created the encyclopedic Naturalis Historia, talks about diamond splinters being “much sought after by engravers of gems.”

The fact that people in ancient times could master the use of the hardest material on Earth long before the industrial age is impressive. It certainly would impress business people who are fans of history and classical literature. How often do they meet people who know both the diamond business and historical works?

3. The legend of the curse of the Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is a large blue diamond that is famous for its quality as well as the curse that comes along with it. According to the legend, the gem was first stolen from an Indian idol — the goddess Sita. The legend goes on to say that anyone who owns and touches the Hope Diamond will be cursed.

According to stories, some of the owners of the diamond had gone on to be beheaded, beaten by a French mob, lost their throne, gotten onto fatal accidents, and died pennilessly.

The Hope Diamond currently resides at the Smithsonian Museum. No one knows whether the legends related to it are true. But they certainly make for a good conversation starter, especially to fans of the supernatural.

Your business conversations with other people in your industry don’t always have to revolve around hard numbers and boring topics. By using interesting diamond facts to start conversations, your networking attempts will bear more fruit. And you will make a good first impression that will appeal to potential business partners.

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