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3 Strategies to Improve Your Bathroom When Renovating

Renovations can cost money. Expect to spend anywhere from $40,000 to $200,000 to make improvements to your home to get what you desire. And one of the more expensive projects you may need to do is to renovate your bathroom. Statistics show that bathroom renovations take 10% of the entire home improvement project. But this is understandable. This space is one that you and your loved one will use daily for the rest of your lives. So, why not invest a little bit more on it?

There are ways you can improve your bathroom. Some of them will be able to save money. Others will improve safety and the aesthetic appearance of the space: Here are some of the renovation strategies you can use:

  1. Fix your wiring and plumbing

Water and electricity do not mix. They are ingredients for electrocution or electric fires. When doing bathroom renovations in your south Brisbane home, you need to watch out for old plumbing and faulty wiring.

Are there any exposed cables? This is dangerous. If you have small children. Your wiring must be repaired and replaced by an electrician as soon as possible.

If there is water damage in your bathroom, your plumbing may be damaged. Water could be leaking out from those damaged areas. And your water bills may be higher than they should be as a result. It may be time for new plumbing pipes, faucets, shower fixtures, valves, and even the skin or bathtub. Use some of your renovation funds to upgrade these things so that they are safer and will last for many years to come.

   2. Install new flooring

Broken tiles and damaged flooring in the bathrooms are a health hazard in more ways than one. You could trip on them and fall. That could lead to fractures or a concussion. Damaged flooring may allow for water seepage that will eventually cause wood rot and possibly the growth of mould. The latter can cause serious respiratory problems for everyone living in the home.


When renovating a bathroom, you need to ensure that there is no water damage. Professional contractors can help you spot it. Once you do, you need to find out what’s causing it, then remove and replace the flooring. If you choose to install tiles, ensure they are slip-resistant. Grout should then be applied thoroughly to seal the joints between the tiles. If you choose a different kind of flooring that absorbs water, then find and use the right sealant.

  3. Increase your storage space

You can ask your contractors to increase shelving. They can build them along the walls so that you take advantage of the vertical space available. You can install furniture pieces with hidden storage spaces. Making adjustments to the bathroom walls to create a shower cubby/niche will allow you to have extra space for your soap products. Install hooks along the walls on any available space. They take up little space but enable you to store more things in your bathroom. Bring in baskets to store items like towels and hair tools. They help keep everything organised.

You have plenty of options as far as bathroom renovations are concerned. Pay close attention to what your South Brisbane home needs. And then get professional help in re-designing that space and improving how it is used. The right home improvements can make your bathrooms a haven, where you will not only get clean but also relax and recharge.

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