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A Care Guide for Your Fake Grass

Having a little oasis in your city apartment is a refreshing break from the gray concrete you’re surrounded by. Plants have the capacity to diminish stress, so it’s natural for some people to jump at the opportunity to emulate a bit of nature in their space. Be it a row of potted plants by the window sill or a bonsai on the coffee table.

If you plan to imitate a bit of nature in your city apartment, you have to know that it isn’t as easy as you might think. There’s more to it than having an artificial lawn installation on your balcony. You have to maintain it so you can get to use it for a longer time.

Why Do I Have To Clean It Regularly?

Things like dead leaves and branches from plants, your pet’s waste, and even stains by dropping food and such are a couple of reasons why cleaning your grass is a necessity. To preserve its condition and promote long use, maintenance is a must.

Unlike natural grass, fake grass requires a different kind of management. Stains on natural grass are bound to be washed or sheared away, so the upkeep in that sense differs from fake grass.

To provide you with more insight, here are some cleaning instructions for your artificial turf.

Step 1: Remove Any Debris, Dead Matter, Waste, and More

Before anything else, you have to start by removing any visible dead leaves and branches that might’ve come from your growing plants and shrubs. Aside from making your turf look like a mess, it’s merely a part of normal upkeep. If you own a pet, there might be instances where it’s going to do its business on your grass. If this happens, always make sure to remove it immediately.

Step 2: Use a Rake or a Blower To Get Rid Of “Invisible” Debris

For the “invisible” debris, you can use a blower or a rake to clean it. If you don’t have any pets, you can immediately start using a blower to clear up your grass.

Step 3: Rinse Your Fake Grass With Water

Clearing your grass of debris isn’t enough to get rid of stains and dust. Once you’ve removed whatever bits were there, it’s time to hose it down with some water. Rinse your grass in the mornings or afternoons, especially when the sun’s out, to allow the excess water can evaporate. However, make sure to use a medium to low pressure setting to avoid damaging the grass. Avoid excessive watering as well.

fake grass

Extra Tips

It wouldn’t hurt to know a little more about how to manage your grass, right? To help better equip you, here are some extra tips for grass care.

Don’t Use Anything That Emits Heat

To be more specific, if you plan to host a BBQ party, don’t cook with the grass directly under the grill. The heat from the grill may cause damage and discoloration to your grass. It might even cause it to burn. The best place to do your BBQ is somewhere that doesn’t have grass directly under the grill.

Remove Stains ASAP

Panicking over a spill nor putting it off will work in your favor. As soon as you spill some wine, oil, your pet’s urine, or any other liquid, get a paper towel and gently dab to absorb the spill. If it leaves a visible stain, put a solution made up of 1 tablespoon of water and a pint of detergent to the affected area.

Leave Your Grass Alone During Winter

The extreme temperature change may cause your grass to frost or be heavily covered by ice. At this state, your grass is vulnerable to damage sustained by weight, causing them to break. It’s best to leave your turf as is during winter to avoid unwanted and irreversible consequences.

It’s not a terrible idea to have a little garden or a tropical-themed balcony. Having a small paradise in your city flat is a welcome break from all the buildings and towers you’re constantly surrounded by. It’s a simple luxury that every resident in the city should have access to.

This may be a project you want to take on in the future, so it’s important to understand how to care for your turf as soon as now. Knowing how to do so will help you enjoy the space to the fullest. It’s a great space to entertain guests and a great place to enjoy your coffee in the morning.

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