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The Right Blogging Strategy for Small Businesses

The power of the right blogging strategy is impeccable. If you’re a content marketer or digital marketer, you already know can they can be impactful. HubSpot, in their recent study, suggests that marketers who invest and put active efforts into a blogging strategy are 13 times more likely to gain better results. They can increase their return on investment substantially over time.

Blogging generates revenue for businesses, but they are a necessity for both small and big businesses. They can’t survive without blogs. No matter what your e-commerce business is, you must prioritize blogging as your number customer acquisition channel along with influencer marketing and backlink generation.

What kind of blogs should you write as a small business?

Blogs are of different types and each has its own purpose. Although the goal is to get the target audience to your website and spend a long time in it, blogs do serve multiple purposes. It depends on how you write them.

You can write case studies to establish authority in the market. They get readers to assume your expertise as your case study is the proof of your knowledge in the field. Case studies also allow you to dive deep into the details of how you achieved a goal. They are best for highlighting your success stories.

You can write reports based on all the data that you’ve collected over time. It can be researches, product trends, customer behavior, number of sales and returns, and profit-loss statements. If you’re not collecting all this data already, you must start doing now. Also, work to secure this data through IT security services and dark web monitoring as several breaches happen every day.

The next up is problem-solution blogs that cater to the specific needs of your target audience. You can research what your audience searches for. Use Google Search Console or Ubbersuggest to analyze keywords that people are searching for. You can look into the FAQ schema section of Google to find the most common searches made by people in your industry.

You will see great results over time if you post blogs sincerely. If you advertise your blogs properly, they can generate great revenue for your company. Many big and small corporations have shot up their conversions with quality blogs combined with sharp advertising campaigns.

man writing an article

Keep this in mind while writing blogs for your e-commerce business

Follow these tips to enhance the power of your blogs:

  1. Bring out the human side of your brand

Blogs are the number one source to build your brand identity. Your audience knows you by the blogs they need from your side. They should not be all about sales and numbers. Research about the prime concerns of your audience and hire a writer who can create blogs that seem compassionate. People are not stupid. They know when you’re just selling. Therefore, it’s better to sell benefits that they’ll enjoy.

  1. Build authority in your space

You can build authority in your industry through blogs. Here’s how can you can do that:

  • Spread knowledge around your niche. Teach your audience how to use a product and tell them how it will benefit them.
  • Solve queries of your target audience and address their concerns. You can’t solve all world problems but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore them.
  • Your content should entertain as well as educate. People love to be entertained. Nobody likes boring stuff that’s why you should make your blogs engaging.
  1. Engage you audience

Blogs can super engage if you write them like that. This is where good writers play an important role. Hire content writers who can keep your audience hooked to your content. You can find writers on LinkedIn, freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiver, or Google. When your audience spends more time on your website, they’re more likely to convert.

  1. Use blogging as a long-term marketing strategy

If you’re writing blogs without a strategy, you might as well just stop writing altogether. Posting on random days a week without doing a keyword analysis or getting an SEO person on board will never provide results. You need a proper strategy that involves brainstorming ideas, doing user research, keyword analysis, search engine optimization, and image optimization. Hire a content strategist to help you with all this.

These tips combined will get you amazing results over time. Remember that your blogs should not look like a chunk of words that someone put together. They must answer a question or prove a point. Blogs should be targeted to convince your audience about something (your product), they should highlight the fact that it is the best choice for users.

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