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Boring No More: Improvement Ideas for Your Empty Room

Is there a room in your house that does not serve a specific purpose and ends up being a rarely used guest space or stock room? That kind of place offers an excellent opportunity for home improvement and can make your living space a bit more interesting. The limitations are endless with what you can do to that spare room. Here are some ideas that can get you started:

Garden or Greenhouse

Adding some shades of green in your home can certainly make the property feel more relaxing. Turn your spare room into a garden and put your green thumb in action. Browse garden room designs and see what aesthetic elements you would like for your home. The best part about this is that you don’t have to commit right away to dozens of plants to grow; you can start small and work your way toward more types of flora when you’ve become more comfortable with its upkeep.

If you have a bit more budget to spare, you can opt for building a greenhouse instead of a simple garden room.

Home Gym

Are you the type of person who enjoys yoga or cardio in their spare time? Why not turn that dull, empty room into a home gym? A dedicated space for your exercise regimen would make you feel more disciplined and motivated to hit your fitness goals. Get that room all set up with a treadmill, some weights, and start giving that room a purpose.

Study or Office

Turning the room into a study or office might be a common choice, but its popularity has its merits. For one, you can do it very quickly with a desk and a chair. Spare rooms are not always the largest, so being able to fit space-saving furniture makes it easier to improve.

Studio or Music Room

Group of friends listening music - vinyl at home

Sometimes, what we need is a creative outlet for all the stress we experience from the daily grind. That spare room of yours can be turned into a space that fulfills that. For instance, if you are an artsy person, you can set up an easel or drafting table and other stuff to make it into a studio. You will probably have enough space to add a day bed or couch in there too, alongside some storage and decor.

But if music is more of your thing than visual art, a music room might be better for you. Place your favorite instruments there and play some beautiful music. Consider soundproofing the room, though, or at least improve its acoustics.


Love books? Create your library and reading nook for that spare room. Custom made bookshelves look amazing and provide ample storage not just for books, but also for other home items that need a place to stay. Add comfortable seating to that library, and you’ll be lounging in there immersed in a book in no time.

Spare, empty rooms don’t have to be boring. With these creative ideas, you can make your living space something you genuinely want to spend time in.

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