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skincare routine

Bring Your Skincare Routine To a Higher Level

Newsflash number one: Your skin is the biggest organ in your body!

Newsflash number two: Your skin is the most exposed organ in your body!

Newsflash number three: Your skin is the organ that generally protects most of the other organs in your body!

Fortunately, taking care of one’s skin is continuously becoming the norm these days. With the rise in skincare awareness, people are becoming healthier, more confident, and more youthful than ever. But why stop there? If people can optimize working out with music, smart clothing, and other gadgets, why can’t we do the same for our skincare routine?

Here are six products you have to add to your shopping carts to get the optimal skincare routine and experience ever.

Antibacterial face towel

Yes, you read it right. Antibacterial towels have been invented! What an amazing time to live in. There are now face towels that boast silverbac technology and lyocell fabric. They can help in breaking down germs and the odor that comes with them. They also help in stopping the incubation of bacteria and, therefore, reducing the possibilities of spreading.

Since your face deserves a day or two away from products, using a face towel soaked in warm water can be a refreshing way to take care of your skin. And with an antibacterial face towel, it would be like a free facial at home.

Skincare fridge

Speaking of products, one of the best lifespan lengthening techniques for skincare products is refrigeration. Since products perish easily when exposed to drastic heat, getting a skincare fridge would be ideal for the continuously rising temperature this world is experiencing.

And more than preservation, refrigerating your products can also improve the application experience. Putting cold aloe vera gel on your skin is heavenly. It also helps since pores tend to close when exposed to cold temperatures. And as a bonus, pint-sized skincare fridges look adorable and chic.


If you’re suffering from dry, itchy skin, cracked lips, and dry, frizzy hair, then getting a humidifier should be your priority. Besides the internal health benefits of having a humidifier at home, using a humidifier pre-and post-skincare routine can also do wonders for your external beauty.

With good humidity levels in the atmosphere, your skin and hair get the moisture they need. When the air gets too cold or too dry, the moisture on your skin, scalp, and hair evaporates. This leads to dry skin and frizzy hair. With a humidifier helping the circulation of moisture in your room, your skin, scalp, and hair get to keep their natural moisture levels.

skincare routine

Posture-correcting stool

Imagine having clear and smooth skin while also boasting great posture. What if there’s a way to get both during your skincare routine?

Since your skincare routine usually takes place before you sleep, the effects of long and tiring hours of working can manifest in your posture. And bad posture is not something that can be fixed immediately.

Maximize your self-care time by working on your posture while taking care of your skin. Choose a chair that allows you to keep your feet flat on the floor with your knees bending without touching the chair and your back straight. You can easily find ergonomic chairs like this online.

And to feel even more like royalty, buy footstools online as well. Getting a comfortable, ergonomically designed footstool can help your posture, give comfort, and make you look extra pretty all at the same time.

Calming speakers

Nothing beats doing your skincare while meditating. And the sound of the waves crashing rhythmically or the hymns of the bamboo forests dropping water slowly as the birds sing merrily can do the trick.

Get yourself a nice surround sound audio system with perfectly toned bass to ensure a tranquil skincare experience before you serenely fall asleep.

Water filters

Mineral buildup is one of the stealthiest causes of acne and other skin-related complications. And if you’re not bathing in melted gold or fairy tears, and using tap water as the rest of us mortals, then there’s also a chance that the water touching the entirety of your skin also has harmful chemicals. They could very well be behind the mysterious case of your sudden surge of bacne.

Get yourself a reliable water filtering system so your pores can be safe from mineral buildup, irritation, and infection. Filtered water can also help slow your skin’s aging process by removing positively charged minerals from your bathwater. Without mineral ions like calcium and magnesium in the water, the collagen in your skin will remain intact, ensuring healthier and younger-looking skin.

Skincare has become an integral part of everyone’s self-care routine. But remember that it doesn’t only revolve around skincare products that you can apply to your face. Skincare is more of an ensemble of healthy living practices that reflect how healthy our mental state is. So, the next time you see a pimple on your face, think about your living routine as a whole and not just your soap.

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