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Day Off: Being Productive on Your Rest Day

Everybody needs to spend their days off the best they could. For some, road tripping the whole day is exciting. Others choose to stay at home and do something productive. There are people who would cringe at this idea since a day off should mean lazing around, but this is the perfect time to dedicate your time for anything worthwhile.

Before Your Day Off

A long to-do list will confuse and pressure you, so it’s better to make it the day before. This allows you to focus your priorities, prepare, and get started early the next day. It would be best to have some free time before the day ends so you can prepare whatever you need — ingredients, tools, cleaning materials, etc. Try to sleep early so you’re fully recharged.

During the Morning

Start the day with the right mindset and be more active throughout. Drink water before breakfast and meditate before your family wakes up. You can also go for a walk or run if you prefer.

Choose to do harder tasks before lunch if possible. Tend to your garden and other things outside while the sun’s rays are still not that strong. It’s the perfect time to check for home repairs and other necessities. Stay committed to addressing issues at home. For example, you can check if you need repairs or a new carport for your Sunshine Coast home. This can be your next big project.

Don’t forget to eat snacks or have coffee while waiting for lunch. Coffee can make you stay alert, especially when doing laborious tasks. Try to spend snack time with your family. Remember that eating together can have positive effects for everyone.

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After Lunch

It’s now time to do tasks inside the house, like chores. You can ask for everybody’s help to complete them faster. Children ages two to three can pick up their books and toys. They can also put placemats on the table and hang clothes on lower hooks. Four- to five-year-olds can put together clothes for each family member. They can also put grocery items on the correct storage. Children between six and eight years old can tend to indoor plants. They can also feed your pets or tend the outside garden.

It’s ideal to train your kids to do productive things so they know to move around the house and not always rely on you. This isn’t putting the chores on them, but teaching independence. You can also enjoy quality time with them this way.

Before the Sun Comes Down

Tidy up the corners of your house. Clean hard-to-reach places so other family members won’t need to. Prepare your clothes for the next work week and try to cook ahead. You can also do a few more like grouping your things. And, don’t forget to sweep and vacuum the floor.

At Night

The most-awaited part of your day off is night time. Prepare a big meal for the family and watch TV afterwards. You’ve done a lot and it’s time to relax and drink some wine. Avoid thinking about the next work week and just enjoy the moment.

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