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Father and son building a bird house

Do-It-Yourself Home Projects You Can Do in a Day

It’s becoming more relevant to find things to productively spend time on and feel more positive when having to stay at home with hours to spare. Thankfully, a ton of DIY projects can be accomplished without needing too many tools and aren’t complicated that they would take more than a day.

Here are some things you can try yourself, even if you aren’t a DIY pro.

Accessories and jewelry

With just a little epoxy in your toolbox, you can create jewelry crafts in no time. You can mix and match with different materials depending on the vibe you’re going for. But the best part is that you can be free to use what you have.

If you’re making an artsy piece that will bond different items with metal or wood, it’s best to find a high strength variant among Sika products to ensure that you will have a solid epoxy mixture that cures well and has viable bonding.

It should be noted that epoxy adhesive and epoxy resin are two different things. You should figure out which one you want to use for your specific project so that you don’t end up buying the wrong variant since the brand carries both. Resin also takes hours to cure as opposed to the quick-drying adhesive, although it may give you more artful options if you’re making decorative pieces.

Décor and furniture

Another way to make use of resin is by creating some pieces for your home. You can even create stunning major works like resin tables that serve as a wonderful artistic centerpiece and a functional piece of furniture. Of course, if you’re looking for a one-day gig, you can start with smaller and simpler introductory pieces like frames for pictures or paintings.

You can build your own frame if you want a from-scratch DIY project and you’re familiar with woodworking. But you can also use an existing frame that you can add a new layer to. It should be noted that the process of layering down the epoxy resin requires you to raise bubbles. It means you can either blow on the entire thing (which can be a bit tiresome) or use the quicker method of applying heat via a butane torch or heat gun, provided you have the safety gear.

Fire Pit

Fire pit outside the house

A useful and cozy addition to any home if you have outdoor space, this project is doable within one day if you go for more manageable plans. There are lots of options to go about this, and many of them make use of items you will likely have in your household.

Whether you use stones, steel, bricks, or glass, this project can be achieved with some effort and following many online guides that are accessible to anyone willing to take the time. The best part is that this DIY project foregoes a possibly more expensive installation.

With these projects, you can build and craft things that can bring some joy to a day where you may feel stumped. Afterward, you can feel satisfied with your creations and proudly share them with others or even teach someone how to get it done.

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