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Five Suggestions for Choosing an Insurance Agent for Your Business

How do you find a doctor for your health concerns? Do you go to the first one on Google’s list? How about if you need an accountant to fix your taxes? Don’t you ask for recommendations from your friends and family? Choosing an insurance agent should be the same as picking a doctor, lawyer, or accountant. You need to choose them wisely. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting money and resources.

Talk with Different Agents

The best way to find out if a demurrage insurance agent, for instance, understands what your company needs is if you talk with them. You cannot rely on their offers or the quotations. Deciding whom you should sign up for requires constant communication. A good insurance agent should be able to answer all your questions regarding the coverage of the policy, the insurance products that your business and employees need, and the claiming process.

Look for an Agent Who Looks After Your Interest

Most insurance agents just want to sign the deal and move on to the next client. But some take the extra step of making sure that the clients maximise the benefits of the insurance. They help lower the rates and fees by suggesting to the client ways to make his business more insurance-friendly. Just as a doctor advises a patient to follow a rigid diet and exercise, an insurance agent should also make suggestions on how a client can protect their business and reduce business-related losses.

Insurance Agent

Choose an Agent Who’s an Expert in Your Field of Business

If you are in the shipping industry, there is a specific insurance that you need—demurrage insurance, for instance. Not all agents understand this, so you need to find the one who does. Ask some of your friends and colleagues in the industry if they know someone who works in the same field of business as you. Check with your trade association if they have a list of insurance agents who specialise in your niche. You may also check with your home and car insurance agents. They may be able to point you to someone who knows about the kind of insurance you need.

Go for an Independent Agent

Whom do you want to work with? Someone who represents just one company or someone who can shop for the best insurance policy for your business? An independent agent can find the best policy based on what your business and employees need. From them, you can get the best deal because they are not indebted to choose one company over another. They’ll be able to choose a policy that ticks every box on your list.

Check the Reputation

An insurance company and insurance agent will most likely have their own websites or social media pages. Check these for reviews and recommendations. Be particular about the truthfulness behind these reviews. It is so easy to give fake reviews and five-star ratings. Some of the sites you can check are Google reviews, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, and Better Business reviews.

Do your research well before choosing an insurance agent. Your relationship with the agent does not end when you sign the contract. In the future, when you need to use the policy, your first thought would be to consult your agent.

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