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Fresh Starts: New Home, New Faces

Pursuing a fresh start entails making changes in our lives. One is through moving to a different environment. Oftentimes, the best way to create a blank slate is to relocate. It’s possible to do so in Daybreak, Utah given the number of homes for sale in the area.

The decision to move away leads to other changes, like the new community in which we find ourselves. Regardless of the neighborhood we choose, we’re likely to encounter all sorts of characters.

The Social Butterflies

In films, we often see these neighbors portrayed as the people who immediately greet newcomers as they arrive. Sometimes with baked treats. They’re welcoming and seem to enjoy making friends. As a result, they tend to know a lot of things about the community, thanks to the connections they have made.

They’re approachable, but it’s likely that Social Butterflies don’t linger, which makes some people apprehensive about trusting them. But, they are generally well-meaning and can surely help you acclimatize to your new surroundings.

The Lone Wolves

On the other end of the spectrum we have the neighbors who make us wonder if we really live next to someone else. While not exactly reclusive, the Lone Wolves enjoy keeping to themselves.

Like other neighbors, it’s possible that they’re friendly, just a little difficult to approach. To forge a friendship, or become acquaintances at least with these people, we have to become the Social Butterflies ourselves by taking the initiative and introducing ourselves.

The Green Thumbs

Gardening and nature both play critical roles in the lives of Green Thumbs. These are the neighbors whose properties are flourishing thanks to the care they put into it. Aside from the usual flowers, they’re probably also growing various fruits and vegetables that they use for their meals.

Green Thumb neighbors are often found in suburban areas, where land is plentiful. But they can exist in the city, too, with their boxed gardens.

The Kardashians

These neighbors can also be referred to as the Joneses. Essentially, they’re the people who have reached a certain level of affluence that is difficult to ignore. The Kardashians, like their namesakes, are rich, and it’s noticeable through every aspect of their lives – from their large homes, to their flashy clothing and cars. If there’s a huge difference between your lifestyle and theirs, it may be difficult to relate to them, much less forge friendships.

The Travelers

young man sitting on suitcase

Like the Lone Wolves, the Travelers make it seem as if we don’t have neighbors. Even ringing their doorbell won’t help, since they’re almost always gone on trips. Depending on the household, their property is either maintained by hired help or left on its own.

With the lifestyle they lead, it may be difficult to reach them even for a simple “hello”. But those of us who persevere may catch the rare moments that they are home, which is the perfect opportunity to make introductions.

In the end, these are only broad categories that don’t fully encompass how our neighbors truly are in real life. It’s easy to subscribe to stereotypes, but we shouldn’t allow misconceptions or first impressions to color in our judgment immediately. To be a good neighbor, we at least have to try to get to know these people better. We never know, it can lead to pleasant surprises.

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