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Get Yourself Busy: 4 Worthwhile Hobbies You Should Try

The thing with most hobbies is that while they help you pass by the time, they are (mostly) useless. Think scrapbooking, model kit building, or stamp collecting. Sure, they’re quite fulfilling, but if you are talking in the most practical sense, there’s not much a rock collection can do in paying your bills.

Not unless you strike gold and gain a very rare collectible that would fetch you thousands of dollars in an auction. However, that thing only happens in movies.

In real life, you’ve got to choose what you spend your free time very well. Your hobby can make you, or just break your bank. Make sure your hobby is worth your time, without spending too much and get no return. Here are some very worthwhile ways to pass your time.


For anyone looking to enhance their surroundings, gardening is a gratifying solution. Imagine how accomplished you will feel as you get a whole pot of roses to bloom from seed. Not everyone is born with a green thumb. But if you will put the time in, you can learn how to turn yours into that shade.

While in the beginning, it will be all about clearing and improving the soil, choosing the right varieties of seeds to plant and making sure your babies are nourished aplenty, soon you could research the options of pea gravel in Utah and growing intricate flower beds on it. As a bonus, you’ll get plenty of sun and fun digging around your soil.

Learning A Craft

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to make handmade jewelry using leather or beads. How about sewing your own clothes or hand painting shirts? There must be some kind of an artsy project that you’ve been meaning to try, so why put that off any longer?

Believe it or not, there is a constant and respectable demand for handmade goods that go against the usual factory-line products. Even if selling is not your thing, you can always give these crafts of yours away as gifts on birthdays or holidays and make your loved ones feel extra special.

Basic Carpentry

Few things come close to the absolute joy that comes with making things you can use. Can you imagine building a chair or a table from scratch? It’s an amazing way to engage all of your senses (mental, physical, or even spiritual) because every part of you gets a workout with woodworking.


It’s a tough hobby and will require more tools and commitment than, say, cross-stitching, but once you’re done sanding down your latest project, you’ll marvel at how wood and nails (or glue) came together to create such an object.

These are only the tip of the iceberg, only a few suggestions of beautiful ways to occupy your space. There are plenty of other hobbies that are worthy of your time. Remember to get into something that you truly, genuinely enjoy. Otherwise, you will only be shortchanging yourself no matter how much money (or fame) you get out of it.

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