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Green Homes: How Green Homes Are Changing the Construction Industry Today

As global warming and climate change start to worsen every year, people are looking for various ways to reduce their carbon footprint to save the planet. As a result, many are changing their homes to something more sustainable and producing less carbon footprint. This version of homes is known to many as green homes.

Green homes have received a 19% growth in the past few years. This is a significant increase in green homes and welcome addition to the country. Currently, these green homes are reducing our carbon footprint by quite a lot. But its growth should be something that the construction industry should note.

If you’re a contractor or own a construction firm, you should start researching more into green homes. They are becoming the main choice of many Americans during the past few years. Moreover, experts believe that they will be the default home choice in the future. Here are various reasons why.

They Are Far Cheaper

Many Americans have started to see the cheaper value that green homes have. There are many reasons why green homes are far cheaper than traditional homes. One of the main reasons is that they have better energy savings.

Energy Savings

Green homes are known to be efficient when it comes to using energy. Many of these homes are using solar energy to power their home appliances. Solar energy has become so cheap in the past few years that they have become a far better alternative to fossil fuels. It’s estimated that people that invest in solar panels are likely to get their money back by the fifth year of their investment. Aside from their efficiency in energy savings, these homes also utilize better methods in insulation.

They Have Better Insulation

Green homes are known for their efficiency, even when it comes to insulation. Some green homes use open floor plans to let natural air in and cool homes. Other green homes utilize spray foam because of its healing properties during the winter. Many insulation contractors agree that spray foam is one of the cheapest and most efficient options for insulation. Moreover, their efficiency in heating and cooling makes them a good choice for many green homes.

Insulation plays a big part in how we live our lives, especially when we live in colder states. However, another great benefit of green homes is in their sustainability.

home insulation


Green homes aim to be sustainable, which means that their inhabitants can live by what the home produces alone. We now all know that these homes can produce energy through solar panels. However, many green homes can also produce the necessary components.

Many modern green homes have backyards that produce all sorts of vegetables. This gradually reduces the trips to the grocery store. Additionally, through compost, green homes can use natural fertilizers to grow healthy and fatter vegetables. It can be argued that vegetarians or vegans can live from the greens produced by these homes alone, without spending a dollar in a grocery store.

Sustainability is one of the main reasons Americans choose green homes over traditional homes. It can give you a lot of savings and much easier access to fresh produce. But there is also a lifestyle reason behind the growth of green homes.

Better Health

Interestingly enough, green homes can better the health of those who inhabit them. By using sustainability and better insulation methods, green home inhabitants consume healthier food and breathe in fresher air than those in traditional homes.

Moreover, these individuals are more likely to adopt a lifestyle that’s active and appreciative of nature because their home entails it. This creates a cycle that promotes healthy living and saves the environment.

The Industry is Noticing Green Homes

The construction industry is taking note of the impacts of green homes on the world. More and more Americans are asking for cheaper and more efficient green homes. It’s quite shocking to believe that such homes used to be reserved for the richest in society. Nowadays, anyone can build a green home. Its costs are being reduced every year. Because of its energy savings features, people can concentrate more on saving mother nature than anything else.

With more research being poured into these kinds of homes, we are more likely to have better green homes in the future. One that sustains life without harming the environment and can bring health and wellness to its inhabitants. Such a future isn’t so far away if we only aim to achieve it.

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