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Home Reselling: Adding Storage in These Areas Is an Advantage

Storage is a concern for many homeowners. Clutter is a problem in many households, and it is causing distraction, conflict, and stress. Unless your household has decided to switch to a minimalist lifestyle, you, too, likely have to constantly deal with a mess.

Americans own too much stuff, and not everyone is willing to part ways with their precious belongings. According to statistics, there are about 300,000 items in an average American household. About one in 10 Americans have to rent offsite storage space. Meanwhile, 25 percent of those who have two-car garages do not have the space to park their vehicles because they have turned them into storage.

There is an increased demand for storage across the United States. Many entrepreneurs are jumping at the chance to offer storage solutions that own a lot of stuff but do not have the space to organize. There is a garage storage franchise opportunity that is perfect for an entrepreneur who can plan and provide storage solutions without too much space from the cars.

People need more room to store their stuff, and having options to organize their belongings neatly is a good selling point. Here are the best places in your house where buyers would want to see storage solutions.

The Laundry Room


For far too long, the laundry room is an area of the house that has been neglected. After all, it is only for utility. People go to the area to do their chores. However, recently, it has been experiencing a revival. More people are paying to it and giving it well-deserved tender loving care.

The laundry room has so much potential, especially for storage. There is so much unused space that you can use to add cabinets and shelvings or its own closet. Houses can sell for thousands of dollars more with a well-maintained laundry room.

Built-in Bedroom Closets

Nowadays, built-in closets are a must. Many homeowners are eschewing big box brands such as IKEA. Instead, they are asking the help of local craftsmen for built-in storage solutions that are customized to fit their homes and their needs. A spacious closet is on top of the must-haves of many home buyers today. This should not come as a surprise. The average American owns so many clothes that they can wear a unique outfit every day of the month.

For bedroom storage, the bigger, the better. Walk-in closets are no longer a luxury reserved only for the rich and famous. Ordinary people also want a large walk-in closet of their own. One real estate agent disclosed that some clients refuse to consider a house if no photos of the closet are included on the listing. That is how important closet space has become to home buyers.

Garage for Cars and Storage

Many people use their garages to store belongings that they do not use regularly but cannot throw away. Garages are perfect for this because it is not designed to be a living space. There is typically more room to make it the perfect storage space.

A garage makeover yields an increased home resale value. A simple garage door replacement can fetch up to 88 percent return on investment. Adding storage solutions such as wall shelves can increase the home resale value. Installing wall shelving can do a lot for the space. A freestanding shelf is also an affordable but good addition to the garage.

Staging Storage

It is important that home sellers organize the stuff inside their homes, including the storage spaces. Clutter will make the house look less aesthetically pleasing and give a bad first impression. Moreover, it can make the home buyer think that the property is not big enough for the household.

They will imagine that they, too, will struggle to keep their possessions organized if they move in. Buyers need help to see the ideal life they can have in this new home. One of the worst things you can do when selling a house is to overstuff closets and cabinets. It will make the house look very messy. Keep your belongings clean and organized.

When they buy a house, many people look to upgrade to a bigger space to accommodate their lifestyles and necessities. Many of them are looking for a home that has ample space not just for their family but for their countless belongings. A house that already has its own storage solutions will give buyers an additional reason to place their bid and close the sale. This way, families won’t have to worry about any drastic upgrades.

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