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Is Your Home Ready for Spring? 15 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Springtime

Springtime is just around the corner. There are a lot of things you need to do, and you should get started on them as soon as you can. Make sure your home is ready by doing the following tasks:


15 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

1. Clean those gutters. 

Get up on your roof and give it a good hose down, especially the gutters. Unclog them from the debris build-up and give it a good washdown. 


2. Give your walls, baseboards, and outlets a good scrubbing. 

After fall and winter, your walls will need a good scrubbing. Make sure to wash it well along with baseboards and outlet covers. Scrub gently with a sponge, water, and mild soap. 


3. Replace all filters. 

Take out the old filters and change them all including range hood, water, air vent, and furnace filters. You can ask those who offer furnace installation services in Salt Lake City for assistance if you don’t know how to do them. 


4. Clean out all of your faucets and showerheads. 

Uninstall faucets, showerheads, and sink sprayers and soak them in a vinegar-and-water solution for about an hour. Rinse with warm water afterward. 


5. Declog dryer vents and clean them. 

A clogged dryer vent is a fire hazard. Make sure you take the time to unclog and clean them


6. Give all your exterior windows a nice and clean wash.

There’s just something amazing that sparkling windows bring to a home. For added curb appeal, make sure you give your windows a nice wash. 


7. Keep your home allergen-free. 

Keep pollen, mold, dust, and other allergens at bay. Declutter your home, keep the air clean, and check your pipes for leaks. Take the necessary steps to ensure your home is allergen-free.  


8. Take time to have your foundation vents checked and cleaned. 

Homes with crawl space usually have foundation vents running along its walls. Spring is a great season to have it checked and cleaned. 


9. Give your grill a good wash. 

Whether you have a charcoal or gas-powered grill, chances are, it collected dust over the winter. Give it a good cleaning in time for outdoor barbecues in your backyard. 


10. Give your lawn and garden their much-needed springtime preps. 

There’s no better time to prepare your lawn for flora than springtime. If you’re into gardening, then you better get into gardening mode soon. 


11. Make sure your smoke alarms are working.

More than anything else, your family’s safety matters the most. Spring is a great time to check and replace batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 


12. Give your outdoor furniture a good cleaning. 

With outdoor entertainment season fast approaching, give your outdoor furniture and patio a good power wash to get rid of debris that built up during winter. 


13. Clean out your garage and driveway.

Winter gets not just snow, but a lot of clutter in your garage. Once winter starts letting up, go to your garage and give it a good cleaning. Shovel the remaining snow from your driveway and deck. Doing this is already enough to give your home a nice facelift. 


14. Bathrooms and kitchen should be given a deep cleaning. 

Similar to giving your windows a good wash, cleaning your bathrooms and kitchen until it sparkles brightly can add a sense of freshness to your home’s interior. 


15. Declutter and organize.

Once winter has bid you goodbye, give your home a thorough clean-up and decluttering. Throw out whatever you don’t need and store seasonal items neatly. Organize and label whatever is left so that your home is neat and orderly.


Giving your home the proper attention and maintenance it needs will make it a pleasant place to hang out in this spring, especially if you plan to do a staycation for spring break. 


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