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Leveling Up Your Small Business with Technology

Technological growth has made human lives easier and more convenient. From health services, food production, communications, transportation, and even education, technological advancements have shaped the world that you know now.

People are now living longer, food can travel around the world without getting spoiled, and you can talk to anyone in real-time no matter where you are. You can search for the information that you need so fast, allowing for faster decision-making. If technology has made the lives of millions to billions of people worldwide, it can also level up your small business.

You may believe that all you need is your trusty calculator and ledger, and your business will be fine. Many small businesses still rely on the manual process of doing things. Many are still too paper-reliant, and filing cabinets may not be going away anytime soon.

Do not be intimated by the big words that you hear when it comes to technology. These tools can help you grow your business and help make managing it more convenient for you. When implementing these technological innovations, you do not need to be a computer whiz. You can turn to your trusted computer technician for your technical and hardware concerns.

  • Flexible Payment Processing System

Imagine a customer walking in, inquiring about a product. Voila, with your patient and informative explanation, the customer was convinced that he needs what you are selling. However, when he pulls out his debit card, your face falls. You only accept cash, which, sadly, the customer has none as of the moment. So the customer walks out, probably never to be seen again in your establishment.

Payment processing systems matter. As a customer, it can be frustrating to find out that your preferred payment option is not accepted by the merchant, whether online or in a physical store. Cashless transactions are even encouraged in the face of the pandemic to reduce the risks of virus transmission. Provide your customers the flexibility of choosing a payment option that is most convenient for them, such as credit cards and online payment.

  • POS System

A POS, or a point-of-sale system, is more than your regular cash register. A POS system includes a terminal, bar code scanner, monitor, cash drawer, keyboards, receipt printer, and retail software. A POS system provides you an efficient monitoring system to increase profitability and efficiency. Built-in inventory systems also allow you to keep track of your available stocks, so you will not run out of your in-demand items.

Another benefit of POS systems is that you avoid a mismatch of prices. Once you update the price, everything is updated to avoid confusion.

  • Time Tracking Software

Do your employees still manually log in the hours that they have worked for? Invest in time tracking software to make it more convenient for your employees and you as well. You get to monitor and improve the productivity of the team. A time tracking software records your employees’ work hours and the number of sick and vacation leaves that they have used and can still use.

A time tracking software also comes with an employee portal where your employees can file for time-off. This makes the whole process more centralized and easier to manage.

  • Cloud-Based Storage System

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Eliminate the need for file cabinets and save office space with cloud-based file storage. Storing your files in the cloud allows you to access files and documents wherever you are. It allows your employees to be more productive wherever they are. They can easily access documents that they need anytime, anywhere. It increases your business’s flexibility, and you can still stay operational even if there will be stay-at-home orders.

Instead of investing in a local database, which will require floor space and significant hardware and software investments, cloud computing is more convenient and affordable. It does not require large capital, and you do not need to spend on its maintenance either. It provides you with a reliable back-up, so your data are always safe. You also reduce your reliance on paper, making your small business more environment-friendly.

  • Project Management Software

If you have remote employees as part of your team, an online project management software lets you manage your team efficiently. Project management software aids you with project planning, plotting schedules, assigning tasks, and easily monitoring milestones. It also aids in promoting collaboration between team members, even if they are countries or timezones apart.

Of course, project management software can also benefit you even if you don’t have remote employees. It lets everyone on board on your projects and aligns the team on your targets and priorities.

  • Surveillance System

If you have a physical establishment, a security system is a must to keep your assets safe. CCTV monitoring systems help reduce the risks of theft. By having CCTV cameras strategically placed throughout your establishment, you can help deter acts of theft and vandalism.

Adopting technology into the operation of your small business may require some capital on your part, as well as changes in how you do business. However, you need to change and adapt with time to grow your business.

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