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Minimize the Sneeze: How to Make your Home Allergy-Free

Have you ever experienced having the worst allergies inside your home than outside? It might be that your home has accumulated enough dust that the allergens have surfaced. There are several ways to make sure your home in California or Utah is free of any allergen. Professional duct cleaning is a popular choice for those who have larger homes but don’t have the time to clean regularly. Here are other options you can do to control indoor allergens.

Vacuum regularly

If you have pets that regularly shed their fur, vacuum your carpet and floors at least once a day. Depending on the size of your house, you can opt for lint rollers to manage the fur on couches, rugs, and clothes. But if your pet can access any part of your house, then you must vacuum pet hair at least daily or every other day.

Not everyone may be allergic to pets, but once your house accumulates enough fur, it can be a cause for dust accumulation, as well. Dust can easily get stuck on a ball of pet hair and reach hard-to-see places.

When vacuuming, make sure you don’t miss out on other parts of the house where dust can pile up as well. These include your window screens and curtains. If you can’t wash your curtains frequently, be sure to at least vacuum it from time to time to help lessen the dust particles on the fabric.

Clean air ducts and filters

Ever switched on your air conditioner and then found yourself sneezing uncontrollably? This is a clear indication you may need to have your filters and air ducts cleaned. Clean filters will also help you save on electricity, as your air conditioner won’t be exerting too much effort to get your room cold in the shortest time possible.

If you clean indoors regularly and still find yourself getting the sniffles, then your filters and air ducts may need some deep cleaning. You can hire a professional technician to do the job. As for maintenance, you can keep air humidifiers or diffusers on for a few hours each day to keep the air clean as much as possible.

Keep your bed clean

sleeping on bed

Lastly, there are times when you neglect to take a shower before going to bed, and you’ve managed to take home a lot of dust and dirt you’ve collected the entire day. Imagine doing this regularly and not changing your sheets and beddings consistently.

Apart from observing proper hygiene before going to bed, make sure to keep your bed clean by having it checked for dust mites or bed bugs and by washing your sheets regularly. Sometimes, it’s your pillows that cause the worst allergies without you realizing it. So be sure to replace and wash your pillowcases as frequently as possible.

It’s highly important to keep every area of your house clean, whether or not it can be seen by the naked eye. Have a cleaning routine scheduled, so you never forget it and keep your home allergy-free.

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