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How Do Office Jobs Affect Health?

Is it really so bad for your health to work at a desk? How much sitting can you and your body tolerate?

All recent studies show that jobs that require long periods of sitting are just straight bad for you. When it comes to this type of work, there are so many health concerns to be aware of. All from your posture, mental health, stress levels, and inner working of your body can be affected by just sitting.

You will also be at risk for certain medical conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome and cardiovascular disease. So with all that let’s talk about some ways office jobs are bad for you and how you can prevent desk job health risks from impacting your employees?

Working In an Office Will Make You Gain Weight

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It’s fairly known that desk jobs are making employees fat. Companies are using food to attract potential workers. Some of them will offer everything from snacks to full-out lunches. A lot of food in any case. Coupled with the sitting life and no exercise you will get fat fast. Others working in offices without lunches may also be at risk of weight gain by eating out and eating fast food.

So all in all, your belly won’t thank you if you give in too much. Even if you work from home you won’t be spared from this, but in truth, you do have more control over what you do.

Bacteria AHOY

The workplace is a breeding ground for bacteria, and sneezing is a common way to spread it. Your keyboard is the most germ-accumulating little petri dish on your desk. You need to wipe it down every day really. Regular use of antibacterial wipes and cleaners is a must, not a recommendation.

Not just that, but any shared appliances, the water cooler, everything that gets touched by multiple people gets contaminated. So it’s not a surprise when one person gets the flu and infects the whole office during the day.

Fix Your Posture / Position

The biggest and most common issue is back pain! You are probably not sitting correctly and that’s for a myriad of reasons. All from char/desk height incompatibly, no the wrong mouse, too much pressure on your wrist, and general slouching, the desk job will only hinder your straight back.

The body should be placed centrally in relation to the keyboard and monitor when you are sitting at your desk. Your feet should be flat on the ground and your back straight. You may consider getting a footrest if you can’t put your feet on the ground. The ideal position for the thighs is to be parallel with the knees and at the hips.The wrist position for typing should be straight and natural. Also, the forearms should be slightly tilted or level. Also, a wrist rest can be good for you, something softer not to put too much strain on your hands. Sitting too much can also cause a bad case of piles, and for those, you will need to check out a hemorrhoid cream with lidocaine for the easy way out.

It’s imperative that you move around in the office. Get up and walk. It is important to know the basic things you can do if you plan to sit down at your desk for any length of work. So let’s share some tips now:

You should think about your work environment for any of the above-mentioned health hazards. Sometimes, a simple change can make your job healthier and better for you. And some of the things you can do to avoid the common health problems associated with sitting at a computer all day are easy, but they do require a bit of planning and change.

Change Your Transportation Mode and Exercise More

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Walking to the office would be ideal, but that may not always be possible. Maybe see if using public transportation could work for you. Yes, it may be a bit inconvenient, but if your route allows it, why not switch it up.

Change is good, better than sitting in the car. Also, track your steps and exercise daily. If you can do that, try to be active for at least 45 minutes a day. Around 8000 steps should be enough.

Reduce Soft Drinks and Coffee

Although coffee and soda are basically a must-have at any desk, they can also be dehydrating and very bad for your body in the long run. All caffeinated drinks contain so much sugar and empty calories, which will only increase weight gain, and they won’t add anything to your body. Instead, always drink water and have a water bottle at your reach.

You’ll be able to stay hydrated and will want to drink less of the sugary monsters that are soft drinks. Plain old water is not giving you a kick? Well, add fresh lemon, cucumber, or some orange slices to make it tastier.

Stretching Is Very Important

You don’t have to be weighed down by work if you are unable to move. Instead, get up from your desk and stretch. Stretching can reduce stress and tension in the muscles. Your posture is important, so be aware of it at any point throughout the day.

Getting the right office chair is a task on its own and if you can choose, invest the time and maybe the money in that. Your health is more important than work.

While a desk job can be a pleasant place to work, and it may seem like it’s not too hard, it’s essential for you to avoid allowing such unhealthy habits to become the norm. It’s not okay to just go to work and home with no exercise and activity in between. Good office fixtures are also important to a healthy workplace.

Unhealthy eating habits, sitting too long, and incorrectly using office equipment can lead to serious health issues that could prevent you from working and earning money. So be aware and be proactive.

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