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Post-pandemic Parties: 4 Changes to How You’ll Plan Your Future Corporate Events

The event industry was hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and event organizers were beginning to plan the year’s parties, meetings, and conferences when the world turned upside down.

Proximity became dangerous, any surface could be contaminated, and even the prospect of leaving your home induces paranoia. Canceling events was the only option most people had. Now that the world is beginning to adapt to the new normal, however, there’s no question about the future of physical events—it’s bound to make a comeback.

Only, it won’t be the same as it used to be.

If you’re already planning events for 2021, here are some of the biggest changes you’ll have to comply with.

Bigger Venues

When looking up contractors for an event venue, you’ll want to skip out on the intimate options and opt for the bigger spaces. The more spacious the venue, the better you’ll be able to adhere to the physical distancing recommended by the CDC. While it’s not advisable to gather in huge crowds, you’ll still be able to accommodate more people.

A bigger venue will also give your attendees peace of mind. Apart from physical distancing, there will be sufficient space for sanitation stations. Regardless of how much they’ve been craving personal interaction, you can expect that the majority will not risk their health, and rightly so. ;

Digital Tickets

Contactless transactions, from payments to event tickets, will continue long after a vaccine is developed. More and more people realize its multitude of benefits. With smartphones becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, there’s no worry that people will be left out.

QR code

You’ll also enjoy the opportunity to cut printing and distribution costs. You can send the tickets, maps, and other digital guides to their email, and you’re done. No more missing items that you’ll have to replace, resolve, or refund. If they need to download the program again, you can point them to a poster with the QR code. Do they want to make an impromptu purchase? Your payment details and methods are available in another poster, and they can send you the screenshot to confirm the transaction. Imagine how much safer the world could’ve been if this was the acceptable practice long ago.

Virtual Access

With the popularity of software like Zoom, you can expect that people will continue to demand virtual access to events. From weddings to global conferences, you need to equip yourself with the technological know-how to provide a seamless experience for your virtual attendees. While this may mean investing in your preferred software’s premium accounts, you can rest assured that catering to more people will come with good financial returns.

Practical Freebies

No one will say no to a free bottle of sanitizing gel nowadays, more so an entire hygiene kit complete with a mask, a face shield, and a packet of wet wipes. It’s almost funny how events have gone from giving away pastries and miniature wine bottles to glamorously decorated sanitation items. Times have truly changed, and while the coronavirus era persists, it’s better to stick to practical freebies that will help people steer clear of the virus.

The next couple of months will doubtless see portable sanitation gadgets for giveaway purposes. After all, there’s no limit to how creative people can be, even in the midst of a global health crisis.

Safety First

All your decisions for your upcoming events will revolve around everybody’s safety. These four primary changes will soon multiply to cater to the evolving crisis, and later to a society that is more hygiene-conscious post-pandemic. Keep yourself up to date with the latest health advisories and consult specialists for the best practices you can enforce during your events, and there’s a big chance you’ll enjoy as much success in your corporate events as you did before.

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