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Protecting Your Rental Properties From Break-ins And Burglaries

People often regard real estate as the kingpin of long-term investments because not only does the value of land appreciate, but it also generates an extra stream of income in the form of rental properties. As a result, a vast majority of smart investors look for properties they can purchase at excellent prices, fix up to increase the appeal, and open to that market for renters.

However, due to the emphasis on making homes, apartments, and units look nice to garner the attention of potential tenants, this has caused many investors to forget a crucial component in a home’s functionality – security. And with burglaries on the rise, this puts your tenants, their belongings, and your property at risk.

So what can you do to prevent this from happening?

Balance Beauty and Safety

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re planning to fix up a home and put it up for rent, don’t put all your eggs into one basket and drop your entire budget into making the property look nice. You must achieve balance with both the beauty and safety of the home in mind while staying in your allocated budget. And you can hit those targets by following this checklist:

#1 Secure All Entrances

Number one on your list, secure all the main entrances to the property to deter home burglaries and prevent thieves from breaking in.

Sadly, many homes only have their front doors and main entrances covered, leaving the rest vulnerable areas and potential spots for dangerous people to lurk. So make sure to go through every inch of your property and ensure that every gateway and door that leads inside is well-protected and reinforced.

  • Try Decorative Security Doors: Especially for the front door, an excellent addition to make your home more secure is by trying on security doors. They add an extra layer of protection through the tempered glass and come equipped with an extremely durable finish. Overall, a heavy-duty solution that’s going to make potential burglars think otherwise.
  • Use Deadbolt Locks: If you’re looking for an inexpensive option that will help make the property safer, then install deadbolt locks on your doors. The conventional locks work on an outdated spring mechanism that can easily be pried open or knocked down with a forceful kick, so deadbolt locks should be your new standard.

#2 Reinforce The Windows

secure windows

Number two on your list, reinforce your windows to discourage and prevent thieves and burglars from breaking in and entering through them.

Windows are another point of entry for potential burglaries, and while it might seem like a wrong choice due to the noise it can create, a dangerous crook could break them quietly. On top of that, many people also forget to lock their windows, and when a burglar sees this opportunity, it could spell the doom of a tenant’s belongings.

  • Add Locks: If your rental property’s windows don’t come pre-installed with locks, then do the courtesy of adding them. Although it might seem like a simple method, a lock can go a long way to deter anything from happening and make the windows much safer.
  • Protective Film: Another option is installing a protective film on your windows to make them more durable and withstand a stronger impact. As a result, thieves will have a lot of trouble breaking through them and will immediately warn the tenants through the noise. Plus, protective films also come with extra benefits like UV protection.

#3 Install A Security System

Number three on your list: install a comprehensive security system that keeps watch of the rental property’s weak spots.

If you have extra space left in your budget, consider installing a home security system for the rental property. Sure, it might seem like more expenses incurred, but in doing so, you can market this as a feature of the home and catch the attention of more potential tenants.

Plus, if you take it up a notch and go beyond your standard security cameras around the property perimeter. You can also consider an all-in-one security system that will turn your rental property into a smart home. From movement sensors to easily accessible phone apps, this will ensure the safety of your tenants and make your property more functional.

#4 Use Outdoor Light Fixtures

Last on your list, use outdoor light fixtures to make the property always appear occupied by people.

Thieves and burglars always wait for an ideal situation before following through, and that is when no one’s around, far from peak hours, and usually in the dead of night. To combat this issue, you can install outdoor light fixtures for your rental property. In doing so, you can easily spot anyone suspicious lurking outside the house.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Burglaries and break-ins are a real problem, and while we don’t want to sound paranoid, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So instead of waiting for something terrible to happen, why not take the initiative and implement precautionary measures?

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