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Refresh in Only 3 Days in the Bahamas!

You desire a break from Florida work or school; your load nowadays simply overwhelms you. You may be thinking of escaping as far away as possible for a month or so. Contrary to what you want, you actually need to take three days off to feel refreshed and ready for even more work or school.

With that, hop on a charter flight here in Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas and enjoy a weekend break!

Refuel in Only Three Days

Workers and students today complain of burnout and exhaustion. You may be heading towards the same direction, but you can turn things around with only a three-day weekend. After only three days away from stress factors, you will be able to return and face your workload with fervor, energy, and optimism.

Improvements in the Body and Mind

How can a three-day weekend accomplish that? According to experts, three-day weekends can significantly contribute to physical and psychological improvements in your life. You can catch up on much-needed sleep. You can also truly take time to relax and unwind.

As a result, you become refueled in all aspects, empowering you.

Sleep Enough

Lack of sleep can be a source of stress and exhaustion. Over a three-day weekend, you can catch enough snooze, not by dozing off completely for 72 hours, but by sleeping on time. In fact, Dr. Niket Sonpal from Touro College in New York suggests you sleep an hour or two earlier than your usual sleep time.

Relax Well

In turn, you can dedicate your free time during the day to relaxation and escapism. Turn away from matters school or work-related for the meantime. Psychologist Dr. Michael Roeske of Newport Academy in Connecticut teaches that you will be happier, have improved health and a better feeling of purpose and connection when you relax.

Get Away in the Bahamas

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With all of these perks leading to a refreshed outlook on work and school, how about a quick getaway to the Bahamas for the relaxation you sorely need? The Bahamas sits less than an hour away by charter flight from Fort Lauderdale. Once there, you can relax by being productive with your time.

Attend to Your Wants

You may think that a meaningful weekend break in the Bahamas means exploring what you can and doing what you can for fun. Actually, a productive weekend in the Bahamas can look much simpler. For one, you can begin by thinking about what you want to do?

Do you want to go to the beach? Do you want to go island-hopping? Do you want to taste the local cuisine? Focus on what you want to relax.

Quit a Bad Habit

Secondly, although you may be indulging yourself on your vacation, you can remove a bad habit more easily with your new itinerary. Identify what wastes your time and leads you nowhere; intend to quit from that habit to gain more confidence in yourself. You can spend less time on your smartphone, for example.

Take Three Days to Refresh

You can dream less of a long and faraway vacation, and plan instead for a weekend break in the Bahamas, with the perks you get. As long as you take three days ‑ a weekend and a day off work or school ‑ to sleep, relax, think about what you want, and eliminate a bad habit, you will have more energy for the workload you left behind.

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