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Settling into a New Home? Consider These Tips Before Moving

The prospect of moving can be overwhelming, stressful, and downright exhausting. There’s so much to do with so little time, and making the wrong move could end up making things disastrous. Moving is already gruesome as it is, so don’t make it any harder for yourself.

This is the beginning of a new chapter of your life, after all, and it’s only right to make memories that you will be holding dear. As you prepare your big move, break down the steps into simple tasks, wrapped up in a checklist to help you keep up with every aspect of the process.

Identify the last steps before moving

Chances are that you have already reviewed the home inspection report, along with other inspection reports. This is to ensure that everything is working to your satisfaction. But keep in mind that the actual moving day is not the time to finalize everything. Do these last steps before moving.

Consider your new home’s age, as this affects the quality of your home. Are there any plumbing leaks? Is the water shut-off valve working perfectly and the door hinges free from squeaking? Have the bathroom tiles been replaced as requested? If the house has a garage, are the garage doors need some repair? Perth, for instance, is known to be a city offering many detached homes, most of which are houses that have been in existence for years. Should you be moving to Perth or any other city of massive populations for that matter, ensure that your home is intact and repair-free.

Change all the locks

How many strangers could have access to your new home? You absolutely have no way of knowing, as the previous owner may have given away extra keys. Before settling in, make sure that you contact a locksmith right away to get those locks changed. While the costs can be expensive, your safety should be your highest priority.

Ensure that you have enough cash on you

You have the option to pay moving companies via your debit or credit card, of course, but certain circumstances will call for cash. You’d want some in hand to tip people, as well as in emergency cases where cards are not accepted as payment.

Notify your utility companies

plumberYou will need to notify utility companies regarding changes in your water, electrical, gas, sewer, and even trash expenses under your name. Doing so will avoid any confusion with the billing statement and ensure a smooth transition into your new home. Set aside some time to call up your utility companies to let them know of such changes.

Update your mailing address

Your family and friends should not be the only people to be notified when moving. Make sure that the companies you are affiliated with know, too. Moreover, take time to update all your documents. Doing so will help you avoid any future complications. Here is a working list of companies and other important entities that you should notify:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies (home, life, car, travel, etc.)
  • Credit card companies
  • Vehicle registration
  • Loan companies


Steam-clean the carpets before moving your furniture in. Doing so will leave your new home fresh and perfect for your life restart. Also, ensure that you wipe and clean the cabinets thoroughly using disinfectants, as it is not uncommon for mice and other pests to settle in before you in a vacant home. Only after a deep-cleaning session can your kitchen and bathroom supplies move in, as well as the rest of your things.

Moving is far from easy. The notorious process of packing and unpacking is central to moving homes, but the little things along the way can make the process even more difficult. By reviewing our little checklist above, your moving day can be hassle-free and memorable—perfect for the beginning of a new chapter.

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