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Spotlighting Your Brick-and-Mortar Shop: 7 Clever Techniques

Marketing is different when it comes to brick-and-mortar shops. You have to be more noticeable to catch the eye of passersby. You have the choice of using standees and tarpaulins to interest your market, but creating and printing those materials can be expensive. With the help of time-proven on-site advertising techniques, you can use your shop’s location to your advantage.

Using your strategical position combined with reliable tricks of the trade, getting people to notice your brand is a breeze. You can rely on several gimmicks to make your store stand out from a row of establishments, and here are some you can use.

Attract Through Music

For most shoppers, shopping is an experience and a way to unwind. To usher them into a good mood, you can create a fun atmosphere with the help of music. Upbeat music can help attract people to enter your shop, but you can also anchor it to seasons.

For example, if it’s Christmas, it’s only fitting to play yuletide carols and create a cheerful holiday ambiance in your store. However, it’s best to keep the volume of your music to a level that won’t disrupt other stores and can be irritating to the ears.

Go With the Seasons

As with music, capitalizing on seasons and trends will help you look more appealing in the customers’ eyes. Aside from using a season-fitting playlist to draw in shoppers, you can also use ornaments suitable for the event.

For valentines, it’s an excellent idea to use decorations with shades of red and opt for a romantic themed display for your shop windows. You might also want to release limited season specials to create the illusion of premium items.

Design Matters

Your store design must also be in line with your company’s branding. For instance, if you offer luxurious items, instead of opting for plain walls and blocks of colors, you can add character to its surface through textured wall paneling.

Displaying art pieces featuring your products is another way of highlighting your items. The furniture you use will also help you score brownie points and enhance your shop’s appeal. Lighting also plays a part in your shop design. You can opt for bright lighting or dim ones to exude a chill ambiance.

Take It Outside

If you still can’t increase the foot traffic in your shop despite taking extreme measures to attract customers, there’s still plenty of things you haven’t done. Taking your products outside your shop might be the best solution you’re looking for to make clients notice what you’re selling.

This technique isn’t a new idea; many companies offering products and services station kiosks in front of their shop or other locations and engage with passersby to get the opportunity to advertise their brand.

shoes displayed

Make It Accessible

As emphasized earlier, for some, shopping is a way to de-stress, and you can do your part in helping customers unwind by streamlining your processes and making your shop accessible. Convenience is also a cost-free way of promoting your brand since you can be sure that your customers will spread the word about your excellent service.

To make your business accessible, you can display QR codes on your shop windows to let clients know what you offer even without stepping inside your store. A friendly entrance with stairs and a ramp will also help you cater to different people.

Clever Product Placement

The design of your shop mainly deals with your interiors, but finding the best spots to place your products belongs to a different conversation. You’ll want to highlight your premium items to make them charm clients, so you must place them in the focal part of your store.

Choosing an arrangement that creates a connection between products might also help you increase your sales. For example, if you sell a candle and a candle holder, placing them next to scents will help evoke a need in your clients’ minds.

Level Up Your Signage

In a line of commercial establishments, you need to do your best to stand out. Aside from appealing using music and a fun window display, you can catch customers’ attention right away using your signage.

Your sign should be visible from afar and related to your products to eliminate guesswork. Using lights to illuminate your signage is also vital to keep it visible during nighttime.

Making your shop visible requires renovations indoors and outdoors, and it might even cost a lot of money, but when done the proper way, it will surely return to your finances by raking in revenues.

It would be best if you also thought up new ways to draw customers in and rely on time-proven techniques. By combining traditional strategies and novel ways to increase foot traffic, you can make your physical shop a pivotal part of your marketing and make it one that customers always frequent during their shopping endeavors.

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