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Sprucing Up Your Windows: Seven Projects You Can Do On Your Own

The windows of any home or business are crucial for several reasons. They let natural light and fresh air in and serve as a significant part of every home’s decor and style. They could help maintain the temperature in your establishment, and allow light and air to enter your home. Even if you clean your dryer vents in your HVAC regularly, the addition of some sunlight and air can improve any room’s atmosphere. But if these fixtures aren’t in their best condition, your entire building may lose its appeal. Fortunately, there are many ways you can spruce up your windows—by yourself. Here are seven window design projects you can tackle on your own.

Shutter Solution

You can lend character, style, and texture by adding shutters to your entryway. You can add sidelights that can provide a sleek and modern look to your home. The interior shutters of these sidelights subtly frame your door, ushering light into your door.

Simple Monochrome

Window casings don’t need to contrast the rest of your home to stand out sharply or be efficient. So, if you’re looking for something minimalist to make your windows pop off more, is adding a simple casing in a shade that can perfectly blend with your home’s aesthetic. You can opt to add a header and a footer casing above and below your windows, allowing your decorative shutters or drapes to capture the eye’s attention first—making windows look bigger than they already are.


If you want your home to have a ‘finished look,’ adding interior windows casing or trims is ideal. When well-designed and proportioned window casings are added to windows, they can enrich your home’s overall aesthetic.

The type of trim or casing you add depends on the design style you like. For instance, if you want your windows to be noticed, using window trims consisting of heavier bottom ledges on upper story windows is a great way to do just that—giving home weight and balance against windows. Additionally, its color should be something that ‘pops’ off. However, if you’re after a minimalist look, cleaner and classic usually work the best. If you’re sticking to a minimal design, windows clad in simple and white trims or casings matching the other clean lines around the rest of your home is ideal.

If you’re looking for something different, using trims and casings with a layered style is a great way to add life to your home windows, bringing your house to life. Rather than merely framing the windows like most homeowners would, opting for the trim can add size, style, and dimension to them, helping call attention to them in an exterior filled with details and design.

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Gorgeous Grids

Adding ample amounts of glass around your entryway can bring a lot of light inside your home and has the effect of opening up the exterior of your home too. Adding window grids to these can make windows ‘pop out’ more and offer visual texture.

Subtle Design

Subtle designs are a big hit for individuals looking to keep their homes as minimalist and clean looking as possible. For instance, if your house has a two-tone exterior that pairs several textures, such as stone with brick and wood, there’s already plenty going on, and most windows are likely in accented areas. There’s no need to make it look ‘too much’ to overpower the whole vibe of your home. So, go for a more subtle look.

For example, adding black frames to your windows can provide a sharp yet visually appealing contrast against white walls, making your home look clean and modern. Adding less trim to your windows is also a good idea—keeping the windows simple.


Sidelight windows are perfect for complementing the classic divided-light designs of entry doors. Adding a sidelight on both sides of a door can add a look of sophistication to your entryway. These tallow and narrow sidelights echo the porch columns that most entries have, emphasizing the door more, making it more inviting.

However, keep in mind that sidelights don’t need to be ‘fancy’ to fulfill their functions, so opting for ones without any engravings and other designs provide welcoming light for the cozy entry without overshadowing your entrance door.

Victorian Topper

Although most entry windows flank the door, they can be above it too. If you have a vintage theme going around your home, adding a half-round unit serves as the perfect topper for your home’s entry. Its semicircular shape perfectly blends with a Victorian home, adding even more elegance to your space.

Windows are the gateway for natural light and fresh air, ultimately completing any home’s design. They allow you to take in the view of your surroundings while adding curb appeal to your home, making it crucial to ‘treat’ your windows—and the design projects mentioned are great ways to spruce up your windows on your own.

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