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Eight Kinds of People You Must Know If You Want to Succeed in Real Estate

The self-made man is a myth. Although most people would like to believe that all the successes and achievements they have can only be attributed to themselves, it would be impossible for them to reach that stage in their life if not for the people who supported them along the way. So, don’t buy into being self-made.

In this life, your connections are what can hold water. That’s why you should put those connections to good use by allowing them to help you succeed in your real estate career. And despite what it may sound like, you won’t be using them in the literal sense; you’ll just be liaising them to your clients and allowing them to help you make your job easier. Here are the eight contacts you should have:

Contact #1: All-around Handyman

When you’re helping new homeowners settle into their houses, they might ask you for your recommendations about any home services that you can suggest. This can include various services, such as landscapers, electricians, a cable company, an internet provider, or even an all-around handyman.

That’s why you should have trusted contacts within arm’s reach. This way, when your clients ask you if you know any plumbing contractors that will help them with a remodeling project or a repair, you’ll have someone to recommend. By coming prepared, you’ll be helping your clients and local businesses at the same time.

Contact #2: Home Inspector

A home inspection is a crucial step for any home buyer, and since you’re working in the real estate industry, it’s only right that you have the means to reach one. This is necessary because some home buyers might not know where to find a home inspector who can do a quick assessment of the house they’re planning to buy.

Contact #3: Land Surveyor

If you have clients that prefer building homes instead of buying existing ones, you should have a land surveyor in your contact list. This will allow you to recommend a land surveyor to your client who can give them the exact measurements of their land area, which can help them avoid building over and trespassing onto other people’s properties during the construction of their homes.

Contact #4: General Contractor

Most homeowners aren’t fully satisfied with their homes, which is why they turn to renovations and home improvements to make their homes suited to their taste buds. But this could be difficult for homeowners if they’re new to the area and don’t know anyone. However, you can take it upon yourself to recommend any general contractors you know and can depend on to do a good job.

Contact #5: Mortgage Broker

Although plenty of aspiring home buyers approach banks for home loans before they turn to the alternatives, it could be wise to have contacts for reliable mortgage brokers that you can recommend to your clients. This can make it easier for your clients to streamline their loan applications and agree on their mortgage plans.

Contact #6: Home Appraiser

If you have clients who are planning to sell their homes, they might ask you to put a price tag on their property. But this is a job for a professional home appraiser, which you can recommend to your clients if you know one. The appraiser can then give your client a trained and experienced opinion of how much the property can sell at the market value.

Contact #7: Insurance Agent

insurance agent

Much like other assets, homes can also be insured to protect them against natural disasters, theft, and other circumstances that can lead to a financial loss. If your clients don’t already have home insurance, knowing an insurance agent can make it easier for you to recommend them to someone reliable and trustworthy. Plus, it can make the transactions much easier for both parties.

Contact #8: Homeowner’s Association President

If you’re only servicing a specific suburban neighborhood, it could bode well for you to establish a working relationship with the homeowner’s association (HOA) president, if there is one. This is because you’ll be bringing in potential members into their association, and that’s why you’re going to have to be able to connect them with the person in charge of the neighborhood.

Plus, this might be more beneficial if you’re selling properties to families because the HOA president can tell them all about how appropriate the neighborhood is to raise small children. And you’ll be at a bigger advantage if the suburbs you sell houses in is within a good school district because it’s more attractive to families.

This may seem like a weighty list, but you’ll find that it’s much easier to get contacts when you’ve been in the industry for a while. The reason for this is because you are bound to meet these people whether you like it or not since it’s part of your job. But meeting them is only one half of the equation; establishing rapport and building good relationships with them completes the other half.

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