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Top Reasons Why Direct Mail Still Matters in 2020

Have you ever wondered if it’s still worth investing in direct mail services? In this day and age, anything old seems boring, and you might be tempted to ditch out this old form marketing campaign. If this is your case, think again because direct mail is alive and well. While all the buzz is in social media marketing, good old physical mail is still a force to be reckoned with. In fact, a lot of seasoned online marketers like Neil Patel swear by it. But don’t take Patel as the final authority on this, his notion is shared by a lot of entrepreneurs both veterans and budding ones.

The Benefits of direct mail advertising

Direct mail is a marketing strategy that involves sending targeted promotions through the postal service to your current customer base. It often includes a sales letter, a brochure, an order form and to smoothen things out, a prepaid envelope. To save on cost, small companies advertise use direct mail as magazine inserts together with larger companies. There are a lot of benefits of adding direct mail to your current repertoire of marketing campaigns.

It’s personal

In the day of hurried communications, physical mail gives a touch of being personal. It gives the impression of being well-thought-out as opposed to being hasty. From the customers’ standpoint, it means you are thinking of them because you’re willing to go to such lengths as actually writing a correspondence when faster alternatives abound.

It’s targeted

The advantage of using direct mail is that you can target specific customers. It’s like a sniper firing at an individual target to the heart as opposed to shooting with a shotgun that spreads projectiles at all directions. If you’re selling food supplements, for instance, you can buy a mailing list compose of gym-goers who take similar products as yours. Then you can send a carefully crafted sales letter to these people in the hopes that they will try your products.

It offers measurable results

Entrepreneurs are all for measurability, and direct mail results are highly measurable according to the US Postal Service. For example, you can include a promo code in your campaign and have somebody from your company track down how many customers bought items from your store using the code. This is just one example, there are other ways to measure the efficacy of your mail marketing campaign.

It’s highly affordable

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With the advancement of print technology, small businesses can easily design mail in-house. Once finalized, this can be printed by the hundreds using an office printer. You can then send out smaller quantities to test whether it works or not. When you have determined that the strategy is working, you can then send more mail to more customers.

If you think that a direct mail campaign is irrelevant in 2020, think again. This is a tried and tested marketing strategy back in the days when emails and social media are still in the imaginations of the geniuses that invented them. Now, with the advent of these modern conveniences, direct mail is still a force to be reckoned with because potential customers are always looking for something unique amid technological ubiquity.

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