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Why Wooden Decks Replaced Swimming Pools as the Top Outdoor Amenity

When thinking of household amenities, the swimming pool usually comes to mind. It is one of the most popular outdoor installations all over the world. Swimming pools come in different forms and sizes. You can create a regular pool where families can swim and bond during summertime. Some houses boast spas and jacuzzis for a more intimate experience.

A collapsible above-ground pool might be your preference, especially when you want a temporary setup. You have many options when installing a pool in your backyard. However, it is slowly losing its place as the most popular outdoor amenity.

Wooden decks are rapidly becoming part of modern residential property designs. It might be more visible in real estate properties over swimming pools. Existing houses with swimming pools might even have wooden decks installed in another part of the backyard. In modern times, people can identify why the preference shifted.

Here’s why wooden decks are becoming more popular than swimming pools:

Creating a More Flexible Space

The backyard is a refreshing environment for homeowners. When people start to feel entrapped within the interior walls, they might want to whiff fresh air. However, they might not want to leave the premises. As a result, they walk, run, and jump outside the house. Some homeowners might even want to go swimming, which means having a pool makes sense. However, it will not be the case every time.

The swimming pool can be an attractive amenity during the summer, but it is nearly unusable in winter and fairly unused in other climates. Wooden decks, however, are good for everyday use. It provides a living space that can serve multiple purposes. It can be a space where you can hang out and chill. The wooden deck can also become a children’s playground without the inconvenience of dirt and mud. It can also help families serve guests, especially when there is an outdoor kitchen and dining space within the area. The wooden deck’s flexibility for home activities makes it the preferred choice over swimming pools that can only serve one purpose: get people wet.

Traveling is a More Preferred Option

Families can still benefit from swimming, which is why many households still prefer to have the amenity installed in their house. However, people might want to swim in locations other than the house. Traveling is part of modern culture. People often dedicate a few days or weeks a year to travel to different sites and destinations. Most of those trips involve beaches, private resorts, and hotels. Those destinations provide more attractive alternatives than home swimming pools.

If travel isn’t part of the daily routine, there might be a few establishments that contain swimming pools. Schools and sports complexes might have those amenities available for public use. As a result, homeowners do not prioritize swimming pools as much in today’s home design.

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Easier Installation and Maintenance

Swimming pools can be attractive amenities, even turning into a sign of luxury for households. However, it can be a lot of work to install and maintain. Most homeowners might want to pursue DIY renovations for their backyard amenities. Swimming pools require professional planning and construction because homeowners might commit mistakes that lead to costly repairs. Maintenance will also be challenging. Clearing debris, pouring chlorine, and keeping frozen water undamaged will require a lot of work. On the other hand, wooden decks are DIYer-friendly.

You can purchase engineered flooring materials for your outdoor amenity and start building. Maintenance might only require cleaning and sweeping. Easier installation and maintenance make wooden decks an ideal DIY project, something that swimming pools can never provide. Removing wooden decks will also be easier.

The Case for Both Amenities

Despite competing against each other for the top outdoor amenity spot, the swimming pool and wooden deck can coexist. If your backyard has enough space, you can convert the wooden deck as the entrance point of the pool. They don’t even have to be together for them to work. They can be in separate areas of the outdoor property. If you want to swim, you can go to the pool. If you want to relax, the wooden deck is available.

However, it will depend on your budget if you can pursue both. Your best strategy is to save up on building the wooden deck through DIY while letting professional contractors install the pool. One of your neighbors might also provide pool cleaning services, ensuring you do not have to worry about maintenance. If you have enough area, you can even create a garden in the middle of those amenities. The outdoor area should always have a design that benefits the homeowners. The pool might no longer be the most popular amenity, but it remains a favorite.

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