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11 Things You Only Realise When You Go on Adulting Mode

As children, we couldn’t wait for the time when we grow up, have independence, and start to earn our own money so we can do whatever we want. These were fun thoughts, but when we get there, we realise that a lot of it is just fantasy. Reality bites and it will bite you hard.
While there are a lot of fun aspects of adulthood, the realities we face (and will continue to struggle with) will teach us lessons that can help us become better at dealing with life and the sucker punches it throws our way.

11 Things Adulthood Makes You Realise

1. Things are not as cheap as you thought it would be.

Perhaps your childhood ambition was that by the age of 25 you would have earned your first million to buy a house in Wimbledon, or perhaps you want to buy all the things you couldn’t afford as a kid.

Then you see how much they actually cost in real life. Things are not cheap, especially when you consider your paycheck.

2. You need a legitimate savings account and a separate emergency fund.

Now you realise that life is not just about spending all the money you earn. You need to set aside for your future as well — both the short and long term.

3. Job interviews can be stressful and depressing.

The thought of landing a job, earning money, and career growth is exciting. However, the process of actually getting one gives you butterflies in your stomach. Job interviews and the preparations that go with it causes a great amount of stress and anxiety to the applicant.

4. You appreciate the fact that you have a job.

That being said, if you’re already holding down a job, it makes you appreciate it even more. Having a job gives you some sense of stability which is an important thing to establish as an adult.

5. Things don’t get accomplished all by themselves.

When you were still living with your parents, you didn’t realise how much they do until you moved out and started living on your own. Now, you have to do everything for yourself — laundry, dishes, groceries, errands, house cleaning, the whole nine yards. Tough.

6. You get excited with the thought of earning your own money only to be hit hard in the face when the bills start coming in.

When you were still a kid and you had a part-time job, spending all that extra money on yourself and your wants was a great thing. Now that you’ve moved out of the house and started paying for your own bills, you quickly realise that life isn’t as fun as you thought it would be.

A huge chunk of your earnings goes to paying for your monthlies like rent, utilities, transport, groceries, and if you’re wise, setting aside money for the future. Not much is left for your pleasures and pursuits.

7. You need to manage your finances a little bit better.

In light of this, you seriously start to consider that you need help in managing your finances better. As much as you believe that you’re earning enough, at the rate that bills are piling up and inflation is going, you have to make sure all your hard-earned money is going right where it should go.

Adult Life

8. You don’t feel as enthusiastic about going drinking on weekends.

For some reason, hangovers aren’t as fun now compared to before. After all, you don’t want to waste a perfectly good weekend after a full week of hustling hard.

9. You start to appreciate peace and quiet.

After all the chaos and toxicity in the workplace, you look forward to times of peace and quiet. If you were used to hanging out at clubs and bars before, now you appreciate going to quiet little coffee shops or spending an evening at home reading a book.

10. Taxes are a big deal.

As a kid, you were so used to spending money any way you want without having to think of any deductions. Now, while you believe that paying taxes is a great contribution to society, you start thinking about crunching numbers, updating your accounting records, and taking note of filing dates so you don’t end up paying fines and penalties. That and the ridiculously large amount you need to pay.

11. So is life insurance and planning for retirement.

Simply because you’re young doesn’t mean you should put off preparing for your future. The way to start your adult journey right is to have the end goal in mind and work towards it. If you want to retire in style, you need to start planning for it. After all, a full life involves the long term goals and not just the short term pleasures.

With all of these realisations, you would think that adulting is a terrible thing after all. But you’re wrong. It’s one of the most wonderful things that will ever happen to you, given the right perspective and behaviour.

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