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Save Every Drop: Ways to Help You Conserve Water

Seventy-one percent of the Earth is made up of water. Despite that, you’d be surprised that only a small amount of this is drinkable. With the Earth’s population growing and the drinkable water very limited in quantity, we must conserve this precious resource.

For us to conserve water, we should use it wisely. This is not just a task for scientists and big businesses, this responsibility also falls on everyone. Conserving water means a reduction of the chances of shortage and the effects of drought. It also helps preserve the environment and helps build communities.

Water takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to be potable. Wasting water thus creates consequences that contribute to the Earth’s rising temperatures, including wasting resources like fossil fuels used to make it drinkable and contributing to the production of dangerous by-products, like carbon dioxide. It also prevents other humans and species from benefiting from clean water.

The simplest action can help conserve water so others can benefit from it too.

Turn off Water When Not in Use

Turn off your water when not in use to prevent wasting it. When you’re brushing your teeth, fill up a cup of water for rinsing. When shaving, you can also use a cup of water to clean up the razor. When washing dishes, you can fill up a basin with water to rinse off the soap. While cleaning vegetables, turn off the water and rinse them in a bowl of clean water.

Check for Leaks

Leaks waste a lot of water. A small leak can waste gallons of water, and larger leaks waste hundreds of gallons more! While some leaks are easy to spot, there may be others that hide and take longer to find. Check your toilet, faucets, and pipes for any leaking. Have a pro check and repair these leaks. There are many available emergency plumbers in Salt Lake City to help you fix your plumbing.

Regularly check your water meter for any hidden leaks. Monitor your meter and check if it’s consistent.

Switch to Efficient Appliances and Fixtures

Nowadays, there are water-saving appliances available. If your appliances need to be changed, consider going for those that save water. If you shower regularly, you can look for converters or showerheads to restrict the flow of water.

High-efficiency washing machines can help conserve gallons of water and even electricity. If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, look into one with the Energy Star rating.

Toilet flushing can also wastewater. Consider replacing the flush with a dual flush converter, changing the toilet from a standard one into a dual flush one, saving significant volumes of water simply by using less water for each flush.

Other Ways

Refreshing outdoor shower

There are also other ways to conserve water. Consider insulating your pipes so you can get hot water faster and avoid wastage. Recycle the water where possible. Collect any cold water and use it to water plants or clean your car.

You can also consider buying less! The products we buy often account for a big portion of the world’s water footprint. Buying less of clothes, appliances, and other goods can help save water dramatically.

Saving water is a task that everyone must undertake. After all, water is important for us to live. Doing small tasks like turning it off when not in use can make a huge difference.

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