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5 Furniture Decoration Strategies for Small Spaces

Singapore’s homes are much smaller than those in other areas of the world. The average apartment size is only 95 square metres. And that is where over 80% of the population lives. The space is not cheap either. Research shows that Singapore’s homes cost $14,373 per square metre. So, when you buy a property, it’s really quite an achievement. And the last thing you want is to furnish it wrongly.

Walking into or browsing an online furniture store in Singapore will give you an idea of what kind of pieces will work in your home. Smaller spaces require creativity to decorate. So, here are a few strategies on furniture decoration for your home:

   1. Get a multi-layered shoe rack

When space is a challenge, you need to ensure that you do not waste it unnecessarily. And one way you can waste space is by buying a shoe rack that takes up a lot of floor space. What you need to do instead is to find a shoe rack that is layered. Buy something taller so that you can also use the vertical space. You can still store and organise your shoes on several levels. That way, you can free up your floor space and use it for other things.

   2. Buy a Murphy bed

If you want more space in your bedroom to move around, then find the right Murphy bed for your needs. These beds can be pulled out and used at night, then stored back into a closet or against a wall when not in use. You should consider this kind of bed if you need to use your bedroom during the day perhaps as a workspace.

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   3. Buy a trundle or bunk bed

If several people are meant to use one bedroom, though, a Murphy bed may not be the best option as far as furniture goes. What you need instead is either a trundle or a bunk bed.

A bunk bed has two or three sleeping levels laid out one on top of the other. This design enables you to accommodate two or three people within the same space. The beds maximise the vertical space available.  A trundle bed, on the other hand, is a low-wheeled bed that can be put underneath the normal bed. You pull it out to accommodate an extra guest when the need arises.

Where possible, ensure that your beds have storage space. This space may be incorporated in the form of shelves on the side. You can then use it to store bed linens for the extra guests or for yourself.

  4. Get window benches with storage

If you are lucky enough to get a flat or apartment with bay windows, take advantage of the extra space by getting window benches. But to maximize functionality, ensure that there is storage underneath the bench so that you can use it to put away extra items in your space. It could be the place in which you stow your children’s toys, or those books that you love so much.

   5. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

Whenever horizontal space is a challenge, always take advantage of the vertical space available to you. For that reason, opt for floor-to-ceiling cabinets for spaces such as the bathroom, living room and kitchen. You can use the lower cabinets to store things you frequently use and the upper cabinets for items that you don’t need often. Some of the items you can store in these cabinets include artwork, dishes, hampers with your bed linen, extra toiletries, etc.

There are so many furniture ideas you can implement. Don’t let the small spaces put you off from maximising your living space. With a little bit of creativity, you can make your Singapore apartment just as functional as any bigger home.

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