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6 Dessert Trends To Look Forward to In 2020

Everybody loves desserts. And if you are a true food entrepreneur, you’ve probably thought of looking for fast food franchise opportunities that focus on desserts. As you may already know, food trends come and go quickly. If they stick, that’s great. But if they don’t, it can mean trouble for your business.

That said, we need to do a bit of research if we want to find the best desserts to sell. Here are some of the best desserts that you might want to consider selling this 2020:

1. Upgraded cookies

Everyone loves a freshly baked cookie. It’s the ultimate comfort food. However, people can easily make cookies at home either from scratch or with store-bought cookie dough. So how can you put your own twist into this classic dessert?

Upgraded cookies are cookies that you don’t usually get from your grandmother’s. They are more decadent, sinful, and even more creative than your traditional chocolate chip. In this type of dessert business, you can sell cookie sandwiches, giant-sized cookies, or cookies with premium ingredients that you won’t usually find in a cookie.

2. Ube desserts

“Ube” is a purple yam from the Philippines that gives desserts a distinctly nutty, vanilla-like taste. You can put ube in almost any dessert, such as pancakes, ice cream, donuts, cakes, pies, chocolate, and more.

3. Asian-fusion desserts

strawberry parfaitWesterners are always hungry to try something they’ve never tasted before. And what can be a better way to introduce different flavors to your city than by offering Asian-fusion desserts? Here are some examples of popular Asian-inspired desserts that the locals will love:

  • Taiyaki ice cream
  • green tea ice cream, cake, etc.
  • mochi balls
  • mango cheesecake, pudding, etc.
  • pandan-flavored desserts
  • bean-based sweets

4. Unusual ice cream flavors

People are used to traditional ice cream flavors, and are even desensitized to “unusual” flavors like corn and milk tea. If you want to offer something new to your customers, why not go for original ice cream flavors that don’t fit inside the “acceptable ice cream flavors” box?

Check out adventurous ice cream flavors, such as oat milk, chai, and fruitcake for inspiration.

5. Boozy desserts

Make adult versions of desserts by adding liquor to traditional favorites. Who wouldn’t love a whiskey-infused donut or a cake filled with rum syrup once in a while? That’s right; no one. Boozy desserts are gaining traction in 2020, and it’s looking like this food trend is here to stay.

6. Healthy versions

More people are becoming health-conscious as the years go by, and many food businesses are picking up on the trend. If you want to cater to the health-nut crowd with your desserts, offer a variety of healthy versions for traditional comfort foods, such as fat-free ice cream, low-carb cakes, and fruit-based pudding and pies.

These are just some of the dessert trends that you can expect to see in 2020 and beyond. But if you want to start a food business this year, consider exploring these ideas first. Who knows? You might be the next big name in your chosen niche.

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