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Winter Blues? Here’s How You Can Keep Yourself Cozy

As you approach the final stretch of the winter season, the cold starts to bite extra hard. You’re starting to run out of TV shows to binge, and you’re beginning to feel lethargic on your bed where it’s warm. How else do you combat the cold, wintry nights? Here are a few suggestions that don’t include confining yourself to your bed:

Invest in an indoor spa

For this winter season or the next, you might want to invest in a high-quality indoor spa. In Salt Lake City, hot tub dealers offer great custom-build gunite and bullfrog spas to keep you warm and relaxed through the cold season.

You can also do the same inside a sauna or steam room. It used to be just gyms or spas that had them. Now, it’s a hot home trend to have a small room dedicated to soothing yourself down with warm steam.

Wear comfortable clothing

Surviving winter involves wearing many layers of clothes. However, you might be wearing way too many layers.

It all boils down to proper insulation. Your base or underwear should be made of silk or polyester to swath away sweat easily. Then, keep yourself snug with your next layers made of wool or fleece. Cover your extremities with your favorite articles: gloves, wool socks, beanies, and even earmuffs.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wear tight garments to stay warm. Sweating isn’t keeping warm, and the point is to stay covered and dry.

Stay stuffed

To stay warm, you have to keep yourself stuffed on the inside, too. Aside from the recourse of making hot cocoa – which will always remain a great piece of advice – you can cook the winter cold away. Keep your kitchen warm with burning stoves and baking ovens.

Eat nutritious dishes that can keep your body warm for longer, such as honey, dry nuts, root crops, and eggs. You can even put pepper if you want. Bake a batch of cookies, cook some beef stew, make some hot mac and cheese. The possibilities are endless!

Tweak the thermostat

getting warm by the fireplace

Just do it. Just crank up the thermostat until the temperature is amicable. Be careful, though. Turning your thermostat way too high way too quickly might cause it to malfunction, especially when it’s the manual type. Having it on high for extended periods might also cost you a lot of money.

Having an automatic, smart, or programmable thermostat can get rid of this problem. You can also set it high then gradually work your way down one degree per day to acclimatize yourself to the cold weather.


Stay active by exercising regularly, even during winter. When we work out, physical exertion means our body is pumping more blood, dilating our vessels, and keeping us warm like a moving engine.

Exercising also helps ward off seasonal affective disorder by giving us a daily dose of endorphins or happy hormones. Lastly, exercising prevents weight gain. The ultimate best solution, then, is to eat protein-rich food to stay warm and then burn the calories through working out.

Winter will pass soon enough, but these pointers are guaranteed to work during the chilly season.

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