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A Closer Look at The Impact of Living in A One-Bedroom Apartment

Moving to a new city, state, or even country for a new job opportunity is not a new thing. Many have to go through this to advance in their chosen career and to have a better life.

Among the problems these people face is accommodation. In a new place, it’s hard to find a place that brings you comfort, safety, and is easy for your finances. However, it’s not uncommon to find these people in tiny living spaces, especially for the first few months of their new career.

With that said, if you have to move to Virginia and rent a tiny or a one-bedroom apartment, will it be enough?

Are One-Bedroom Units Small?

When we say one-bedroom apartments, we think of the smallest living spaces. However, they aren’t all like that.

There are units with ample space, even for a family. But one-bedroom apartments are usually smaller. They typically resemble studio apartments, but only with divisions for the bedroom. That said, these types of units can be a bit lacking in floor space and can be an issue for some people.

Still, if you’re looking for one-bedroom apartments for rent in Richmond, Virginia, you’ll want to check the floor area and the floor plan to see if it suits your needs.

Is It Comfortable?

The answer to that actually depends on you.

For a single person, a one-bedroom apartment is comfortable enough. If you’re a couple, you’ll still have enough space for the both of you for a cozy space. However, you might start having problems if you start a family.

For a family with two kids, a one-bedroom unit is definitely not enough. Experts say you can sacrifice the toys and even the TV to make it work. But by this time, you’ll want to upsize and find another space for a growing family.

The Pros and Cons

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For this purpose, let’s imagine that you’re a single person moving to a new place and renting a one-bedroom apartment. By now, you’ll know a one-bedroom space is enough. But why rent one?

Here are some pros and cons of living in a smaller space:


  • You have less space to clean and organize, making cleaning easier.
  • Less space can make you feel comfortable, especially when you’re alone.
  • One-bedroom apartments are cheaper compared to bigger units.
  • With only space for one and cheaper rent, you don’t need to find a roommate which means you have more privacy and security.
  • With space all of your own, you can have more freedom and independence.


  • Although one-bedroom units are cheaper, it may still put a strain on your budget, especially as you’re paying for it alone.
  • Cleaning might be faster, but you must do everything on your own even if you’re tired from work.
  • Even if you live alone, you might still find yourself with less space than what you want or are comfortable with.

Living in a one-bedroom apartment for single people or even couples is not a bad thing. It can teach you to become more independent, and you can have more freedom.

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