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A Guide to Selecting a Wealth Management Firm

In the current economy, safeguarding and building one’s wealth is essential. One excellent option of protecting and growing your assets is hiring a wealth management company. Such a financial institution will integrate all your investments and estate plans to achieve a significant return on investment (ROI). They will also create a business strategy that can serve you and your family for decades. Here is what you need to check out for when selecting wealth management services in Weybridge:

Business Model

A great overseer of your wealth is a company whose sole purpose is financial planning. However, some firms offer other diversified services such as lending and banking. The said firms might lack specialization in wealth management. Moreover, their goals might not be aligned with your objectives.

Before working with a firm, distinguish whether it’s an investment management firm or a wealth management company. An investment manager often focuses on asset performance and short-term returns. On the other hand, wealth management targets long-term wealth preservation.

Fees Charged

The fees charged by a wealth management company shouldn’t be the deal maker. It’s ill-advised to make your financial decision based on the prices charged by different wealth managers. The better option is focusing on the value you get upon paying a certain amount.

Enquire also how the firm will accept payment. Some companies will charge you a small commission based on the services they sell to you. Other wealth management firms will set a flat rate depending on the size of your wealth portfolio. You then have to ask yourself whether you are comfortable with the firm’s compensation structure.



An ideal wealth management firm should be flexible enough to provide multiple investment opportunities. Some firms, based on the number of assets they manage, might be unable to find quality investments. Others might also be unable to access liquid investments like hedge funds. It’s usually a good idea to shun such wealth management companies.

The right firm should also be capable of handling complicated finances. If you or your family have such funds, it’s proper to ask the management company whether they have the required in house expertise to handle your wealth.


Hiring a local wealth manager is essential. Firstly, you can access their services any time you wish. Secondly, you are capable of holding the wealth management company responsible in person. A local wealth management business is also likely to provide you and your family personal attention as opposed to annual automated emails.


The best wealth management firm is not ideally one that manages billions of assets. The worth of assets managed should not be used as the only indicator of a successful wealth manager. Instead, you should research and read their clients’ reviews and make a decision.

Overall, working with someone who cares for your wealth entails forming deep relationships with them. You, therefore, have to get it right at first when hiring a wealth manager. The given pointers should guide your decision-making process when hiring a wealth management company.

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