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How to Appeal to Millennial Workers

Millennials are becoming the next big thing in the job market. They are now the largest generation in the workforce, and more will eventually join their ranks. This is a good thing for two main reasons. First, they can fill the gap left behind by Baby Boomers, who are rapidly retiring. Second, they bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the workplace.

However, there are still some concerns about millennials in the workforce. For example, many employers worry about their perceived lack of loyalty and high turnover rates. But with proper management and communication, you can address these issues.

If you’re looking to attract more millennial workers to your company, you can do a few key things to appeal to this demographic. From offering flexible work hours to providing opportunities for professional development, read four ways to make your company more attractive to millennial job seekers.

Offer Flexible Work Hours

Millennials value work/life balance and often look for employers who offer flexible work hours. If your company can offer some flexibility regarding hours, highlight this in your job postings and during the interview process. Here are three steps in offering flexible hours for your millennial workers:

Survey The Team

Before anything else, you’ll need to gauge the interest and needs of your team. Survey them to see if they would be interested in flexible work hours and their schedule preferences. This will ensure that changes are fair for everyone and align with company goals.

Create a Plan

Once you know your team’s preferences, devise a plan for implementing flexible work hours. This can include offering options for remote work, implementing a results-only work environment, or having flexible start and end times.

Communicate Effectively

Make sure to communicate the plan to your team and address any concerns they may have. It’s also essential to set clear expectations for productivity and communication during non-traditional work hours.

Millennial workers working together

Professional Development

Career growth is essential to millennials, so be sure to let them know there are opportunities for professional development within your company. Here are three ways you can help with the professional development of your millennial workers.

Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs are an excellent way for millennial employees to gain knowledge and experience from more seasoned colleagues. These can be formal or informal, but having regular check-ins with the mentor and mentee can help ensure progress and growth for both parties involved.

Tuition Reimbursement

Offering tuition reimbursement shows that your company values education and is willing to invest in the professional growth of its employees. This can also lead to a more well-rounded and skilled team overall.

Professional Development Courses

Providing or recommending professional development courses for your millennial employees can also show that you are invested in their growth and career advancement. These courses can range from online classes to in-person seminars and workshops.

Dental Benefits

Millennials care about their looks more than any other generation. This is why dental benefits are so essential for them. Additionally, because they enter a job market when all sorts of gifts are expected, not offering dental benefits could turn away potential millennial employees. So here are three great dental benefits you can provide to them.

Teeth Whitening

White teeth are something that many people would like to achieve, especially millennials who are into their looks. Therefore, you should offer teeth whitening services to your potential millennial applicants. The company can pay for the service or even provide in-office whitening. Additionally, you can partner with a local dentist to get discounts for this particular service.

Regular Cleanings

Regular cleanings are essential for maintaining good dental health, and offering this service can benefit your employees. It can also include x-rays and exams to ensure overall oral health.


Some millennials may have had braces as children but now may need them again as adults. Offering orthodontic benefits shows that you care about your employees’ overall health and appearance. It can also save them time and money in finding an outside provider for such services.

Use Technology

Millennials are a tech-savvy generation. They know all sorts of gadgets and are used to having access to the latest technology. It’s why you need to use technology to recruit them. Here are three ways you can do that.

Social Media

Many millennials are on various social media platforms, so use those to advertise job openings and show off your company’s culture. This can also attract potential candidates who may not have been actively searching for a job.

Career Website

A well-designed career website with all the necessary information will make it easier for millennials to learn about your company and apply for jobs.

Mobile-Friendly Applications

Millennials are used to doing everything on their phones, so make sure your job application process is mobile-friendly. This will make it easier for them to apply and potentially attract more millennial applicants.

Overall, understanding the values and needs of millennials in the workplace can help you attract and retain them as valuable employees. By following the tips above, you can make millennials want in your workplace while showing them that you care about their professional development and growth.

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