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Becoming A Pilot: 4 Skill You Should Develop

Soaring through the skies has been a long-held fantasy for many. Since wings that could do that have not been invented yet, flying a plane seems to be the next best thing. Coupled with the booming airline industry and high demand for pilots, earning your wings seems to become even more appealing.

But whether you are in it to make it your profession, or just for the privilege of learning how to fly a plane, there are certain qualities every pilot needs to have. So before you check out what the requirements are to fly a turboprop, here are the characteristics you should have or develop.

A Painstaking Attention to Detail

To maintain safety at all times, pilots need to have a very keen mastery of details. After all, the smallest miscalculation in a course correction or the slightest carelessness during a pre-flight checklist can lead to devastating results. Simply put, you must highly know what is going on around you at all times and know when something is off to prevent any accident during your flight.

Confidence in One’s Capabilities

Can you imagine a pilot second-guessing his every move in the sky? A good pilot must be at ease with his knowledge, training, and ability to maneuver through even the toughest of turbulences. It is his job, after all, to put the people riding in the plane, most of whom are anxious already at the thought of flying, at ease as well. A quiet confidence in his skill and control of the plane will translate into a smooth and relaxed flight, as it should be.

The Drive to Learn More

There is a kind of humility that comes with striving to improve one’s craft. Despite having apt knowledge and ability to correctly and confidently fly an aircraft, it is important for a pilot to be able to admit to mistakes and have the humility to ask for guidance and advice from senior pilots. To constantly expand your knowledge and better your skills is one goal you must possess.

Keeping Cool Under Fire

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An absolute essential quality all pilots must have is being able to think clearly in an emergency situation. Not everyone has the ability to remaincalm under pressure and it takes that certain kind of person to fly a plane. He or she must make expert decisions quickly and execute them smoothly because while flying, every second counts and even the smallest amount of panic can lead to disaster.

Apart from knowing how to fly an aircraft, pilots need to have a certain skill set and possess traits that go beyond the technical. These are just some of the qualities that make a good pilot. You also need to be able to communicate as one of the important elements of flying safely is establishing clear communication lines with air traffic controllers. Failing to do so is one of the leading causes of aviation accidents. Have these under your hat and you are on your way to soaring through the skies.

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