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How Successful Brands Are Embracing Sustainability

Businesses are notorious for the number of wastes they produce each year. But since consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, brands are using this opportunity to fulfill their corporate social responsibility. They are not merely adapting sustainable practices for the sake of pacifying consumers. They are also trying to do their best to become excellent examples to other companies.

Here’s how major brands are showing the world how serious they are in embracing sustainability:

Dell, Intel, and Apple

Staying off the grid as a business may seem like an impossible thing to do when running a business. But there are brands who already embraced sustainable energy sources to lower their dependence on the grid. They are doing this to reduce their energy bills and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas they emit.

Dell, for instance, is already leveraging numerous sustainable energy installations such as wind power and solar power installations. The same goes for Apple. As for Intel, they are already using four renewable energy sources, namely wind, solar, biomass, and hydro.

With sustainable energy sources, companies get to reduce their energy bills. They are able to make the most use of other sources of energy that are free and abundant. This helps lower their overall costs while reducing their impact on the environment.


Many people were blindsided by fast fashion. This includes fashion items that easily come and go and can only be worn a couple of times due to their so-so materials and construction. But because consumers no longer want this wasteful kind of clothing, many brands transformed their processes in exchange for sustainable fashion.

Many fashion brands now embrace sustainable processes, from the way they outsource their materials to how they pack and deliver their customers’ orders. They make sure that they use most of their materials are locally and ethically sourced. They also make sure they use sustainable standards in crafting their pieces and eco-friendly packaging to satisfy their clients.

Denim companies are known for their tremendous water usage in creating a single pair of jeans. But for Levi’s, the company started a campaign where they are now creating denims using up to 96% less water. From the way the company outsources their materials to how they manufacture jeans to recycling old products, they make sure to exert every effort to reduce their environmental impact.

stack of blue jeans


The company kick-started its sustainability efforts way back in 2010 called Unilever Sustainable Living.  They already eradicated animal testing when ensuring the safety of their products. They now make use of alternatives as a way to ensure not just the safety of its consumers, but the planet as well.

Unilever also makes sure their employees well-being is never taken for granted. As part of their efforts, they make sure to provide a positive work environment for all workers. Their aim is to improve their employee’s physical and mental health to ensure each one thrives under the company’s wing.

In 2017, the company already switched to 100% renewable energy. It sealed a partnership with Eneco in Netherland. By 2030, they aim to be completely carbon positive.

Beyond Meat

The meat industry tat is one of the biggest contributors to climate change is the meat industry. Meat production may be satisfying all of our meat cravings, like steaks and burgers. But then, meat production itself causes serious adverse effects to the environment.

To reduce the demand for meat production, many people opted to go all vegan. They stopped consuming all meat products. But the good news is, what used to be meat lovers that are missing their steaks and burgers have Beyond Meat to be thankful for.

Beyond Meat is the go-to option for many vegans. Their patrons claim that their plant-based “meat” products are just as good as the real thing. They make use of drool-worthy product shots and cool graphics to show consumers how one can enjoy tasty food items without resorting to real meat products.

Native Shoes

Many of us are guilty of throwing our old pair of shoes right in the garbage. But then, many shoes were made from synthetic materials that are not just harmful to wildlife. Most of these are also non-recyclable.

Native Shoes is a company that aims to lighten consumer waste production by creating shoes that are not only cool, comfy, and stylish. Their shoes are also made from vegan materials. They manufacture the shows with unique manufacturing techniques to ensure all products are made sustainably from start to finish.

The company also makes sure its products can be recycled. They actually collect their customer’s old pairs of Native Shoes so that they can turn these into new products. Some recycled shows are transformed into insulation and playground flooring solutions.

These are but some of the most successful brands that made a big difference by embracing sustainability. This goes to show that when companies commit to their corporate social responsibility, they can actually get things done. The more companies that embrace sustainability, the better it will be for the environment.

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