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Car and Automotive-related Business Ideas for Vehicle Enthusiasts

One of the best ways to never get tired of our work or business is by doing something that we’re passionate about. If you find yourself being energized when you’re around cars or other vehicles, if you know the ins and outs of car repair and maintenance, and if you know the automotive industry that can provide you with a competitive edge, here are some car and automotive-related businesses you can consider launching this 2021.

Shipping company

With eCommerce taking over the world by storm due to the pandemic, there is a massive demand for more reputable shipping companies that small businesses and consumers can trust with their precious cargo. You can start small; you can partner with local businesses in your community and expand from there.

Food truck

food truck

Food trucks are a great way to provide customers with an opportunity to dine out without doing so in an enclosed space—which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns against since risks for infection rise in poorly ventilated places. Just make sure to park in spaces where trucks are allowed.

Aftermarket car parts business

Yes, you can make some money selling car parts to customers if you do it right. If you have enough experience in the automotive industry and you know where to get high-quality parts at reasonable prices, you can calculate how much profit you can make by selling them to customers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to find the parts in more mainstream stores.

Delivery service

Similar to shipping companies, delivery services are also sorely needed during a time like the COVID-19 crisis. Studies show that the food delivery industry, in particular, is expected to grow to $200 billion in value by 2025. If you have a motorcycle, you can partner with existing restaurants or join already established and reputable food service companies. The last thing you want is to miss out on your slice of this lucrative pie.

Limo service

If you own a limousine or any other luxury vehicle and love to maintain it, you can consider renting it out or driving it yourself to bring people to their special occasions. People are still getting married during the pandemic; they still hold formal events for anniversaries and birthdays, albeit much smaller in scale. VIPs still need to be driven to and from the airport. And if you live in more affluent neighborhoods or anywhere near the film industry, you might have a chance to snag more customers in and out of season.

Driving school

driving school student

If you’re a good driver, a patient teacher, and an excellent communicator, starting a driving school business might be for you. Just make sure to abide by your state’s requirements for driving schools and their teachers.

Auto-detailing business

If you want to set yourself apart from other auto-detailing companies, you can amp it up a notch by providing other services. Have you ever seen the defunct MTV show Pimp My Ride? It was a reality show that took cars in poor condition and restored and customized them. If you have a knack for doing paint jobs and breathing new life into cars, why not explore this business? You can even add some bells and whistles, like adding big led light bars to trucks or even entertainment units and other cutting-edge accessories. You would certainly be the go-to person for car enthusiasts who want to add some oomph to their vehicles.

Auto-repair business

If you’re more of a fixer type of car enthusiast, an auto-repair business might be for you. Not everyone has what it takes to be a mechanic—everyone can learn the skills and get the necessary certifications, but not everyone has the patience for the hours and hard work it takes to find the root cause of a car’s problem and fixing it. If you know your way around cars and love the feeling of restoring fixer-uppers to health, being a professional mechanic might be for you.

Self-service car wash

car wash business

Starting a self-service car wash in your neighborhood might be a lucrative venture, especially if you don’t have many direct competitors in the area. There will always be a demand for car-washing services since cars always need to be cleaned, and if you invest in the best equipment, customers might have more incentive to choose your business over others.

You can explore plenty of car-related businesses, especially if you have a passion for vehicles and understand the automotive industry more than anyone you know. So turn your passion into a profitable project and never work a day in your life, as they say.

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