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Shoe Storage

Creative Ideas for Incorporating Storage Space on Stairs

Storage space is hardly enough in residential and commercial properties nowadays, but there is still so much to put away. With a shift towards minimalism, property owners are not as keen on getting large cabinets, drawers, and cupboards for their storage. With the right strategies, you can generate some space in your interiors without investing in large storage furniture that will take up your inadequate floor space.

The ideal solution for some storage space that does not affect your floor space is in working with a stair installation company. They are well-versed in the creation of exceptional stair designs. This company comes with the expertise needed to easily incorporate some space into the stairs without affecting their look and functionality. Here are some creative ideas on how storage space can be included in your staircase’s design.

Shoe Cabinet

Instead of having shoes scattered all over your house or occupying your precious closet space, install a shoe cabinet under your staircase. This can comprise of shelves or drawers with their door along the side of your staircase. To guarantee they work with your stairs’ look, opt for the same colour and finish for the cabinet. The shoe cabinet idea mainly works for stairways next to entry doors since people can leave their shoes here and pick them on their way out without cluttering your doorway.

Riser Drawers

The space under your stair risers is hollow and will, in most cases, be enclosed from both sides. You can transform it into storage with the installation of drawers. The implement for opening and closing riser drawers should nonetheless sit flush with the risers so that people do not trip over them. The ideal choice, in this instance, is thus a slightly curved-out section among the top edges of the drawers. This is often just a small nick on one side of the drawers.

Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantry

If your kitchen lacks enough storage, you can have a pantry constructed under your staircase. It features shelves or cabinets with varying depths or sizes to accommodate different kitchen items or tools. The kitchen pantry idea works best for stairways next to the kitchen or dining area. This way, it will open towards the kitchen or dining room for seamless traffic flow.

Landing Bench

Most people think that landings on their stairs are wasted spaces. The landing is, however, essential for long stairways since they can be used to rest before completing the flight. A bench is a creative investment for your landing’s use. It can be used to relax and enjoy your landscape if the landing is next to a window. Instead of a simple bench, have one with incorporated shelves or whose seat opens to a reveal chest-like storage. This way, you can also use it to store some stuff away.

Including the ideas mentioned above for your staircase takes more than simple construction materials and tools. Different measurements are taken to ensure the storage works with your stairs’ dimensions and weight. In a few localities, the incorporation of storage space in your stairway needs approval from local councils. Make sure to attain the proper requirements before moving forward with the renovation.

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