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DIY vs. Hiring Professional Contractors: What Should You Prefer?

When you buy a home, the money you pay for the down payment and monthly mortgage is just the tip of the iceberg. Home experts say that you are bound to spend 1% to 2% of the total cost of your home on repairs every year. And that’s just for minor maintenance and improvements. If you have any major remodeling jobs, they will cost thousands of dollars. The average cost of renovating a bathroom, for example, is $9,000, while you need to spend $20,000 for the kitchen.

You also have to pay for home contractors in Salt Lake City. While you can do minor repairs yourself, it is not always worthwhile to learn about the process. Instead of saving on labor costs, you might end up wasting expensive materials because you don’t know what you’re doing.

So what exactly can you DIY in your home? When should you call a home contractor? How do you know which one you need?

DIY Materials

If you let the contractor choose the materials, you’ll have a hard time bargaining the price. You’ll be charged for the effort it has taken them to shop and source the materials. You can shop for the materials yourself. You can bargain-hunt in antique stores and flea markets for tiles, cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, and doors.

Still, check with the contractor about the specifications you need for the materials. The most common mistake that homeowners do is to fail to order enough materials or to order way before the actual job starts.

DIY Light Demolition

You can take out a couple of minor things in your home. You can remove an unwanted cabinet on your own, as well as appliances, tiles, fixtures, and molding. You can even pull up carpets and floorboards. What you should never do is to take it upon yourself to break down the walls of the house. Only professionals should do that because you might mistakenly affect the foundation of your home.

DIY Cosmetics

Cosmetic changes in a home can be done yourself. For example, painting the walls and ceilings can be done for a fraction of the cost it will take a home contractor to do it. If you have basic knowledge of how to paint your walls, you’re in good shape to upgrade your home’s appeal.

You can apply plasterwork and strip woodwork, too. You can also apply brick mortar and install tile work. With a little bit of research, you’ll end up with a remodeled house that has not cost much.

Go Pro for Structural, Electric, and Plumbing

plumber fixing the kitchen faucet

If you have an old home, chances are that you need a structural engineer to make sure that the home’s foundation is in good shape. That’s why you should never DIY anything that concerns the durability of the house. Whatever you find in your house’s structure will surely require professional help. It is always better to have a home contractor with you when dealing with your home’s structure.

The same can be said if the problems persist in the electrical wiring and plumbing systems. You cannot do these things yourself. You need a professional to make sure that these will work without any issue.

You’re the best person to know what skills you have to do things around the house. You also know when the right time is to seek professional help. While it is understandable that you would want to save on labor costs, it might not be that practical if it involves the structural components of your house.

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